Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gabbi Girl in the pool.

Way to go, peeps. Noon and we are already posting again! This time... it's Gabbi in the pool! Oh yeah. ANd her mama's big fat butt. Just bear with me.

Gabbi is a FISH! I mean, she wants to head out bright and earlly and cries when it's time to come in.

This is us in the big center pool at the Beahc Club. There are 4 outdoor pools here and one indoor.

And there you had a boob shot. Just sayin"!

Remember all that weight I lost? Well, it's done been found!!

But I can still do synchronized swimming with the best of em. I am a little bit bouyant!

Breath support. Breath support!

Peep pye you little cutie pie.

I think the big girls had come in for a nap! Slackers.

KK and I stayed for a little Gabbi Girl as the center of attention time!

Do you think I have a good sitter? She LOVES my girls and my girls LOVE her!

And KK and I were determined Gabbi Girl would learn to swim. Once we took her floaties off, she refused to let us put them back on her. I mean WOULD NOT have it!

And Staci was sitting poolside, snapping pics. OF ME!

Initially it was of Gabbi, but I was in the background being immature. The way I like to be.

See Gabbi's bow in the foreground? I think she seriously thought I thought she was still taking pics of GG. I KNEW what she was doing. Duh. I've been her sister for like, 38 years.

So, pose it up is what I did.
In all my near nakedness.

Ya know. I wish I was skinny. But, it is what it is . And what it is ain't all that pretty. But I'm fun!!

Look at this baby. That's what it's all about! She'll be swimming before her two growny sidekicks.

Loving all the comments. What is it? 30 days to make a habit?! So, I'll keep on "rewarding" the good behavior!!



Kristin said...

It's me...your not so frequent poster. I just popped in for a minute while my own little fish is out in the pool with her Dad. I love your confidence! Bottle it up and send some my way, please!

Nora said...

This post had me cracking up!! Looks like y'all are having a fabulous time!! Kelsey got in the pool this weekend and loved it! Have fun for us too!

Mary said...

I'm dying. I, too, wish I was thin but I'm not but I am happy. What can I say I love food! I do at times think I wish I could wear...whateve it is I wish...but I can't and shirts are bought by length so they over the bulging belly...but whatever. I'm fun! Girls are getting so big. SO glad you are relaxing and having a good time.

Mindy said...

She makes my heart smile. OMG....the boob shot totally made my day. Ok...not THAT way but you know what I mean:)

Michelle said...

You made my day! What a fun post. Not sure if you meant it to be THAT funny but it was! :) So glad you gals are having fun and blessed with the experiences!

Sharidrew said...

that was a pleasant laugh after lunch! Loved it! And you say Gabbi doesn't have floaties, what about that huge bow? Dude! I'm sure it's not an approved floatation device but I bet it would help a sista out! HA...maybe not.

Looks like a fun time for sure!!

Hugs from Missouri,

Me The Q said...

You crack me up with the commentary...I love that G.G. is learning to swim.

Bj said...

Wow, Gabbi Girl is indeed a little mermaid....her being able to float/swim will certainly give you some peace of mind, I'm sure....looks like you guys are having lots of fun....huggers, BJ

Amber said...

I wish we were enjoying the water right now but Kaylee's asthma is acting up. Hopefully soon we will be out in it. I believe it is 88 here in MO today.

Amy said...

Lovin all the pictures and posts. Was away for the holiday weekend and had some major catchin up to do.
Gabbi Girl is adorable!

Theresa Shirley said...

Dang---I missed out on a bunch of posts this weekend!! and you KNOW I try to always comment! You know what?? I'm so happy to see that no matter what, you are so much FUN!! I am not happy with my weight either, but I tend to be like--"Don't take my picture!!". You are an inspiration to me girl! And I think you are beautiful--inside & out! Hope ya'll continue to have a great time. I'm headed down to Panama City Beach Saturday morning for a week, and I CAN'T WAIT!!

Lisa O. said...

Ahh, what great pics of you and Gabbi!! So sweet!!! Love all the crazy pics!! ha ha

Bethany said...

That Gabbi Girl sure loves her mama - and the pool! You know what they say... If you can't lose it, decorate it :)

Enjoy your family enjoying life!

BTW, I'm commenting even after 10 comments have been left so I should get extra credit, right?

Zhohn said...

OMG I missed a post! SOME of us had to work today. Just picking, you deserve lots of time off. And I start vacation Friday so I'm not too jealous right now.

Yay Gabbi! And i think I found some of your weight too! Not looking forward to pool pics of myself!

Logan's Mom said...

Why can't I find you on FB? I have been following since Jake!! Love your blog!

Amy K said...

I'm loving your narration of these vacation days! As always, I love how you keep it real.
If there's one thing I've learned over the past 1 1/2 years is, health & happiness definitely make life more enjoyable than the obsessive quest for thinness (that I personally was on), and from what I know of you, you have an incredible zest for life that some women yearn for. Embrace you and the wonderful person you are!

Mandy said...

Your girls are adorable!! Looks like you all are having a blast!! I have always wanted to take a vaca to the Gulf Shores! Hopefuilly some day!!!

Jeni said...

Mo - your beautiful just the way you are!! I think you and Stacey would be a blast to be with. Always acting crazy. Your girls are lucky to have such a fun active Mommy!

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