Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Hangout ROCKS!

As promised, for every 10 comments I get, there'll be a new blog post. I am on vacay, so I can stay up til the wee hours loading pics if my little hear desires. So, if you are just checking in, don't forget to go back and see what you missed on the blog posts...

Ok, so back to the Hangout. Madi is in her coutoure from her mama's clothing store. Ellie is in her souvenier shop, Peace sign teenage dress. And Gabbi Girl is in whatever her mama chooses to put on her, which latelly is any sweet, baby-like precious monogrammed sweet outfit!

There is this gigantic helicopter blade fan in the middle of the restaurant that pretty much commands your attnetion right off the bat.

Remember my telling you that Ellie chose an art book for her "treat"? Well, I kind of had a little to do with that choice! I KNEW it would preoccupy her at the table! ANd sho nuff!

She really loves an art book. This one ended up getting black all over her hands and face, but it was worth it to keep my kid, who needs constant entertainment or activity, busy!

Hayden brought a friend down to the beach with him. This is Drake.

And this is cute Hayden.

Oh, and THIS is cute GABBI!

Look up there again at Gabbi Girl. Do you see her feathers? I did that for her. I bought a whole bunch of them for my office staff and their kids. As well as the kids and patients who come to my clinic. I can't wait to have that fun day at MMPT!

Madi had her go with the art book. Seems her bubbles got a little boring!

This Miss Priss LOVES this place. Loud music. Lots of activity. Dancing in the aisles. Right up her alley!

She is so independent. It has become so glaringly evident being around two more toddlers on this trip. She does her own hair. Puts on her nighttime (just in case) diaper, dresses and undresses herself. She chooses her own outfits, and asks me to fix her hair , at times, in a very specific manner. For instance, she'll say, "MOm, I want my hair in a messy bun."

And then they started playing line dancing songs. And wellllll, ol MO KNOWS some line dancing songs/ dances!!

Which meant, just like the Pied Piper, I soon had a following!

We had a BALL!

This is usually the weekend I take all my MMPT girls to the beach. This year has been a new challenge altogether. I had a bit of embezzlement, so things were a bit strained this year. I, instead, brought my sis and her kids and a couple of sitters to boot. If things keep going the way they've been going, I will have my worker peeps at the beach by Labor Day! And maybe THEY'LL also do this "get a little lower now" dance with me!

These three kept the dancing going even when I had to stop and rest!

I love how happy and outgoing they are. Oh, wait. Did I mention that The Hangout has a huge sandhill just outside the dining area? When you have a couple of sitters with you, that works out just fine!

See that little girl on the left side of the hill? Almost to the top? wearing green?! That's my baby girl! And the bossy one of the very top!? That's my teenage three year old.

Ok. 10 more comments, even if you commented on a previous post, and I'll change that sucker again! I have SO many pics to share. I need you to do this, or I may NEVER get all my pics shown.

So show the love!



Anonymous said...

The company who makes those fans is called Big Ass Fans. I think it is appropriate! Have a blast. I love Ellie's sweet red cheeks!

Hallie said...

Making me anxious for our annual beacht trip down there but it is not until August. Have fun

Kristin said...

Embezzlement? Are you being serious? That really really sucks. On a happier note, your girls are so adorable. Ellie and my girl are close to the same age and Ellie reminds me so much of Annie. Full of sass and spunk. Anyway, I don't really have a point to this comment, I just feel wanted you to know that I'm out here reading. I've been reading for years and years and years and then some, but hardly ever comment. Enjoy your weekend!

tricia said...

Ellie's sunburned cheeks look so darn cute! I hope you all have a fun weekend.
I'm sad to hear of the embezzelment. I hope whomever did this is paying the piper.

brienna said...

Love Love Love your blog!!!

mark and bobbi said...

What a neat place, I will have to remember next time I am at Gulf Shores. Love your posts, makes me feel like I get to enjoy part of your vacation. Keep them coming.

SK said...

Seeing photos of your vacation is making me excited about my vacation in July. I haven't been on vacation in years and 4 or 5 of us single ladies are going on a girls trip!

Deb said...

One of your long time followers and hardly ever commenters just checkin' in(and making it count)......My word right now is JEALOUS!!!!!
Keep having a great time!


Bella's mommy said...

so how often did y'all hear "baby, baby, baby, ohhhh" on the way down there? I hear it everyday! Have fun beachin' it!

kimybeee said...

number 10 - i will comment even though i don't really have time! let's see another one! lol

Lisa said...

I'm number 10! Yay!! Love reading about your sweet family!!

Zhohn said...

OMG I want to cry at how grown Ellie looks!! All three girls are just adorable! Enjoy your time there!

Amy K said...

Whoa, I sure missed a lot yesterday, being away from blogland! That looks like such a fun place.