Friday, May 27, 2011

Hangout Gift shop

Ok, so The Hangout is one of my all-time favorite places to take my kids while down in Gulf Shores for vacation. Hang around long enough today and you will certainly know why! I am going to post a new blog post for every 10 comments I get! Get it? Got it? Good!
Ok, so let's start with the super cool things you can find in the gift shop! I L-O-V-E this frame! I plan to make a bunch of them when I get home. If you want one too, let me know. I'll know how many to cut out.

I love anything artsy and that looks handpainted. Sooooo, I loved this one too!

And I thought this would make the cutest revolving frame for the condo. After all, I take a lot of pictures. Have ya noticed?!

This gift shop was pretty cool. It had som epretty bizarre things. This was a TINY bathing suit, I suppose, for your baby dolls. It looks kinda regular sized here, but it wasn't!

And then there was this....

And these...

This would be KK (left) and Courtney (right), doing something weird?!

And they were brilliant when they put these pint-sized shopping buggies in their shop. The girls each had one and FILLED them up!

I don't know about you, but I doubt that is a coincidence. I think some crazies probably BUY all the things their sweet angels put in their buggies. We did NOT!

Oh contrar, monfrar. We, instead, tried to distract the girls while one of the others snuck items out of the buggies and back into its original home on the shelves.

Good work, KK and CoCo. Keep that giant slinky moving!

But I have to admit. I LOVED these little backpacks!!

So did Ellie Sue. It was one of the items I had to sneak back in place. She liked the pink kitty cat one.

Strangely, each of the kiddos had totally different things in each of their buggies. Apparently we have every independent kids, with very unique styles and opinions!

There were so many things that kids AND mamas liked. They are marketing geniuses. Especially since there was an hour and a half wait for our table. That gave us plenty of time to spend lots of moolah!

Madi ended up scoring a thing of bubbles. Ellie got an art book, and Gabbi got a ball.

I left my wallet in my beach bag, so was at the mercy of my sister, so I didn't get that first sign about being "proud of you...everyday" that I really, really wanted! Maybe I'll go back tomorrow! WITH my wallet!

Wanna see more of our trip!? 10 comments!! And I'll post again. ALLLLL DAAAAY LOOOONG!! I have about 4-5 posts loaded up from yesterday! Wanna see?!



Christy said...

You definitely don't need to be anything artsy in that shop...I'm sure you can make it all....BETTER!

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

Love stores like that! So many great ideas - I work for a school district in the technology area. This weekend I will be making frames for all of the tech staff off of an idea I found in a store like this - the frame is made of recycled keyboard keys:)

Dottie Phillips said...

I soooo of those moms rules for a.happy house pics!

Amy K said...

Now THAT is quite a gift shop. There's something for everyone. Just goes to show, there's inspiration for our creative minds everywhere.

Jeni said...

I want one of those frames!

blessedmomof3 said...

I think I could love that gift shop! That frame is too cute. The beach is my favorite place in the world. I just love the whole laid back attitude.

RaycoTD said...

Looks like the Cracker Barrel gift shop! The backpacks are cute! So are your girls!! Have fun!

Kathryn said...

I love that stuff. Fun to make. Have a good time!

By the way, you know you can SEW really cool backpacks, right?

Lisa O. said...

That shop looks awesome!! I love the squirel underpants, ha ha! :) Have a great vacation!

Kristin said...

I love that picture frame and would be interested in one for sure. AND, get the backpack. My little girl Annie has the owl one and it's the perfect size for preschool. They are adorable. Have fun at the beach!

Holly said...

Love the store. I need someone to distract me when I shop and take things out of my buggie! I always buy too much! Looks like a great "gulls" weekend at the beach!

Zhohn said...

The mom's rules sign is PERFECT. How sweet is that! Love love that.

dcpa81 said...

I love your blog, I have followed your site forever but have never posted. Your girls are precious, they look like they are loving the beach. I love the pictures of the girls. Enjoy your time with the little girls it goes by way tool fast. Looking forward to the next post.