Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter morning. A recap.

I have been slam bam busy this past week, and the coming week looks even worse. Graduation parties, graduation night, recital rehearsal three days and then recital. It's gonna be a doozy. I had loaded up some old posts to use while I was in the Keys so I didn't have to sweat not having a blog while I was down there. Todd laid down the law regarding my taking my computer. He wanted me to totally relax and unplug.

I broke the law!!

So, here I am with a bunch of cute pictures that would have never been shared! So, again today, welcome BACK to Easter morning. This is just about 20 minutes before we were leaving for church!

Please note the sweet innocence of this face.

I am pretty sure this is my baby talking to DeeDee and Granddad on Easter morning. They had to recount every single thing in their pile. Gabbi's speech is a bit incomprehensible, so I am sure that was fun on their end. (We should be starting speech therapy soon.)

Can you believe this BAD mama didn't even buy them Easter dresses? Nope. We wore old dresses that now looked like shirts over Easter bunny pants I'd had made and never got around to sufficiently wearing for Easter.

Things were cruising along great when I got that, "maaamaaaa! Gabbi is using your ink" call.

And then Miss Innocent looked like Miss Guilty!

I am not sure she ever understood the magnitude of the situation. She actually seemed quite proud of herself.

Even that she had gotten both hands and both forearms!As I remained calm and soaked a rag with the ONLY known thing to get Staz On ink off, (Staz On ink remover in blotter form), she studied her work. I was praying it wouldn't eat her flesh!

And it didn't. Once again proving "big" things are sometimes really only "little" things.

Enjoy the weekend, Y'all.



Zhohn said...

Sweet girls! Can't wait to see recital pics!

Have a great weekend.

Missy said...

I think my heart stopped beating seeing all that ink. Tell me it didn't ruin that beAutiful outfit? Gabbi ,gabbi,gabbi,u r sumthin else girly. We all have these moments,at least I do but I don't think I have ever grabbed the camera. Next time I think I might,thanks Mo!

Beth E. said...

Oh, no! Not ink! LOL

Mo, you're gonna have to get some De-Solv-It. Seriously. It even removes permanent marker and oil based paint, and is safe to use on skin! It got us through the childhood years with two boys. Trust works! :-)

Kim said...

Just catching up ~ and OMG, I loved the short video clip a little while back....but these pictures are priceless!! I especially LOVE the one with her hand in the air ~ she is just as pleased as punch with her "artwork"!! I cannot believe she didn't get it on her white outfit (well at least it does not appear she did!) ~ good work Gabbi Girl!! Times like these are the BEST of memories!!