Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thanks, Tracie.

So, we got this package in the mail! And Miss Ellie Sue has learned that "M" is for Melanie, "E" is for Ellie, and "G" is for Gabbi. For that reason, she has a new interest in packages which arrive at our house!

This package was from the Rabb Family. And what a seriously nice surprise! We even got a little note from Tracie describing how and where she first met us and when she started reading about Jake's Journey. (I passed her a Believe card of Jake's at the mall in Memphis, which asked people to visit his site and pray for him. You know, I'm shy like that!)

They were pretty psyched, to say the least.

It was a whirlwind of excitement as I let em rip it all open.

Tracie, you know the way to my kids' hearts!

And then came the "big guns".... twirling ballerinas that spin in the water and shoot water out of their crowns. DUDE!

Can you tell Ellie Sue is mesmerized!?

I made Gabbi put some clothes on, so now I have a few close ups to share of her too!

And I got THIS! I love it! Ellie took this photo. I had to maneuver myself to get in the frame.

Possibly the thing that made me the proudest was when we were all done opening the gifts, Ellie said, "MOm, we should send her a thank you note." I've never been prouder!

And, Tracie, just let me tell you... it is so fun to get a package in the mail around here! We ALL THREE get excited! So, thanks for the big surprise! we appreciate you!


P.S. Please, please, please forgive me when I tell the person who knitted the three of us the cutest hats in awesomely fun colors that I lost the info to send you a thank you too! Please reveal yourself to me again! I am embarassed. We have photos of the hats too! And appreciate your thoughtfulness.


kimybeee said...

i want your believe sign!!!!!!! i love it!!!

Amy K said...

Ellie's excitement is priceless.
It's so fun to get surprise packages, especially when they're as thoughtful as yours.

tricia said...

love seeing the girls so excited!

Mbeaty19 said...

Love the believe sign - so very cool. I love getting packages to and I'm sure I'll probably pass that trait onto my boys.
Glad Gabbi chose to put on some clothes so we got to see those cute pictures. I see Ellie's face has suffered another boo-boo. Reminds me of my boys. I swear they always have a cut or scrap somewhere on their face.
Thanks for sharing the cute pictures.

SK said...

I saw an online tutorial showing how to make the fabric rosettes like you make on your wrist cuffs and thought I might try to make some and maybe even make a wrist cuff. How do you fasten your wrist cuffs? I have looked online for directions but can't find any that don't require sewing.

Jen said...

Presents are always sooooo much fun, no matter what age!

Kaia said...

That is an awesome "believe" sign and the picture of Ellie with her lollipop is awesome too!