Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Having fun with breakfast!

I may have mentioned that I am not a morning person. With that, I am not a breakfast preparer either. Sorry about that, girls!

So usually, I take them to the pantry and start pointing out all the options....

Fruit Loops? No. Lucky Charms? No. Chocolate donettes? No. Graham Crackers and Milk? YES!

This breakfast so reminds me of my childhood!

If you are a graham cracker dipper, then you know that there is the perfect amount of time that must be used to get the graham cracker soggy, but not too soggy! If it falls apart when you are taking it out of your glass of milk, then you've left it in about 3 seconds too long!

Something I don't think I ever did before today is make letters with the crackers.

Ellie's daycare teacher has been doing a good job of getting her ready for kindergarten! She recognizes most of her letters.

And for the most part can tell you something that starts with every one of them! Naturally, this is her favorite one!

She totally thought using our graham crackers to make letters was the!

It's fun having a kid who thinks all your ideas are good ones!

Gabbi is not all that into my games yet. She will be though. She's such a different kid than Ellie was at this age. I guess that's a silly statement, since all kids are "different kids" than not only their siblings, but EVERY other kid. Duh. Am I rambling?!

Gabbi is definitely my breakfast eater. She is the one who wants to browse in the pantry! Ellie usually would rather skip breakfast! NOT Gabbi. She WANTS her breakfast!!

And ta da... we have a "G"!!

And finally, have I mentioned that we have a beautiful view to look at every morning?!

We're so thankful for that! MO

P.S. SK, on the cuffs, I just ripped the fabric and hot glued the rosettes on. I made them long enough to tie them around the wrists. THat way, I didn't have to do any kind of fastener. The cuffs I am sewing now, I am using a piece of elastic on one end and a button on the other. Much more labor intensive, but still not hard! Hope that helped. MO


Zhohn said...

I love early morning pics, kids are so precious then! Hard to believe how fast they are growing up; Ellie can 'make' letters, awesome.

Happy Thursday!

Kris said...

I am enjoying pop tarts as a read this. Maybe I will break out the graham crackers too.

snekcip said...

We also love the graham crackers in the morning. My girl is definitely a LUCKY CHARMS kid! There's also microwaveable oatmeal, grits etc. Also, try fruit in the mornings! We do strawberries, grapes and orange slices for the most part. That all can be pre-cut the night before and put into a little covered container. They can just go to the fridge and grab it themselves! I'm usually up at 6am and then Bree rises @ 6:30 by that times I have her bowl of fruit ready to eat. I usually gives her breakfast BEFORE she brushes her teeth, because the toothpaste tends to give a bad taste to things. She chomps it own down and usually can do so as we are out the door to school! Just a quick tip. Love the pics of the BED HEADS!

tricia said...

I used to eat graham crackers as a kid. In the winter my mom would heat up milk and pour it over a bowl of cinnamon graham crackers....delicious!!