Friday, April 29, 2011

Make 4 Jake.

Hello peeps. I have a new project going. Surprised?! ( I get bored easily!) And I am sewing now, you know! Or do you know? Did I mention that on Facebook or on my blog? I am drowning in social media!

Well, I always want to contribute to fundraising for Shake 4 jake, and always try to come up with something I can do to contribute to teh efforts.

As you know, the Jake Owen Raborn Foundation provides financial assistance to families who are impacted by pediatric cancer. And I wish I had some stats, (I know where I can get them!!), to support how many families were assisted last year and how much money was given out last year.

The JOR Foundation has one major fundraising event of the year which basically supports all their efforts annualy.

So, anyway. This is what I am doing. I am sewing fabric cuffs with all types of designs on them.

The majority of these have been purchased. By the way, I am selling them for $15.

They are fairly labor instensive! At least for a newbie like me! But for sho... a labor of love.

Angela, at my office, couldn't resist this one.

I love that big red button.

And I am making some cuffs for little ones too!

Poor photo quality. Sorry. This one is made of an old pair of pajamas. I was so proud of my upcycling.

Some have one button, some multiple buttons, some snaps, and just all different. I actually think they'd make really awesome gifts for birthdays, office buddies, mother's day, etc.... since they are one of a kind and going for a great cause!

I have since learned to stamp on the cuffs, so now I have some "believe", "Blessed", "Lucky", and appropriately "jor".

Remember when Jake was sick, and Staci and I painted ceramic crosses and sold them to raise money for, well, for them, since the financial burden was pretty huge? Well, I think that went the way this one should. I think it may be easier to just send a cuff out with any donation to JOR.

I think to cover the shipping, I'd need to charge $2.00. So, $17.00. OR...

Just make it an even $20 and I'll give the extra money to the JOR Foundation for helping those kidsand families who need it so badly.

I will also post up a thank you on my blog! I appreciate you.


(send me a message in these comments or send it to my email... WITH your address so I can go ahead and get it out to you asap!) And as soon as I receive payment,


P.O. Box 1377

West Monroe, LA 71291

I will send it to you!


Zhohn said...

I definitely need one, I'll put a check in the mail!

I LOVE my ceramic cross from ya'll.

HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a great weekend.

snekcip said...

would love one for Bree. Do you have a paypal?

melanie said...

LOVE! Do you still have the red damask one with the green heart?

Kim said...

LOVE my cross ~ as well as the "Believe" necklace! I have my cross in my kitchen, and my necklace is hung on the mirror in my car. I will most certainly be ordering a cuff or a couple!! How FUN they are ~ cannot wait!

stewardlisa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! Will put my check in the mail tomorrow.

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

My cross sits in a special spot in my family room...