Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Loving my Wednesdays!

I know I post a lot from my Wednesdays. That is the day I go to my Ruston clinic, and that is the day I take my baby girl with me to work. sooooo, naturally, I have a camera in tow! And I am pretty sure you've met Bailey Jack. I LOVE it that he is now RUNNING down the incline in the front of my clinic without getting totally out of control. Folks can't say I am not "functional" in my approach to PT! Running up and down hills is very much a functional part of a little boy's life!!

As is climbing all over flower beds to see a neighbor's dog!

Or just to pick a GORGEOUS coral colored flower for a senorita's hair!

I am proud of this little boy. He has just been a great worker and is close to age appropriate in his gross motor skills...

And talk about CUTE!!

Oh. and while we are talking about CUTE...

Who is that adorable jumping girl?!

Or this one?! This is Miss Hope. She is a precious little thing!

Always happy. Always wants to play! And always smiling!

As is this cutie patootie! This is Kaden.

His mom and I are pretty good buds, so I have some adult company while he is at PT.

Would you look at those big ol' eyes?!

Kaden is also a hard worker and I am proud of how far he has come, and excited about where we will be going together!

Ok. I have never really been a fan of petunias. Just sayin'! But this year, I planted them in my front beds because I just can't get anything to really take off there. And , well.... petunias are one of my new favorite annuals! They are so lush and awesome! And have required virtually no attention!

I love taking my baby girl with me on Wednesdays. She has so many friends who come to therapy, and she gets excited when she sees each one of them!

On the way home, she wanted to call "ShinShin". That's JinJin to the rest of us.

These pics are actually from last week! She went again today, and we had our annual Easter egg hunt at the Ruston clinic. Tomorrow is a big one in West Monroe! Check out the Melanie Massey Physical Therapy Facebook page in the next couple of days to see pics from those events. To whoever asked about some of the perks of owning my own business... well, taking Gabbi with me is one. And deciding we are going to have big Easter egg hunts is another!



Sandy said...

awe I just love how you are so talented in Many ways and one especially is the ability to help babies.!! Great Job Mo!!!

tricia said...

Your enthusiasm for your work is inspiring!

Gabbi looks so pleased to be there with her playmates;how lucky is that!

Virginia said...

I STILL want to be your marketing director. I absolutely love all of the things you do at your clinics for your patients/families and the community. You have got it figured out lady.
Ginny Streeter

Virginia said...

By the way.......did you ever get my e-mail about wanting to order a Talisman (sp?)? I haven't heard anything back?

Riley said...

Hey Mo! Did you get my email about talisman meanings? Thanks! Riley