Friday, April 22, 2011

Ellie growing up.

Crazy weekend, as I am sure it is for everyone. Riley, be watching. I will go back and search old emails to get the meaning for your talismans. I think I even wrote the post, (hopefully) so be watching for that tomorrow. I hope I am not leaving anyone high and dry on any promised piece of art for Easter. I know I have a lot to do, and get the reminders from all areas... texts, emails, fb,etc, which, honestly, makes it even harder to organize. If you are waiting for something from me, how bout you comment today, then I can print it out and have it all in one place? thanks. Anyway... here's my "big girl". I think you can guess this is one of HER outfits.

Complete with the elastic necklace which she has undoubtedly seen on the tweens who play next door.

She rides this big girl bike like nobody's business!

And is it me, or is she looking a lot more like a big girl? Not cool!

I sometimes think this is the BEST time. I wish I could freeze it and have them stay 2 and 3 forever. But, I bet if I looked back, I will have thought that about 1 and 2. And I hope I am saying it about 5 and6, 12 and 13, 16 and 17, etc.

For now, I will just RELISH these moments!

And with that, she's OFF! Off like the wind. Fly, little bird, fly!

Just fly the right way!!



melinda marie said...

Hi Mo! Happy Easter. I'm leaving you a talisman comment per your request. I requested a wedding bouquet talisman. I have the fb msgs. if you need me to resend for the info. I'm LOVING all of your new sewing projects. YOU GO GIRL!
melinda marie

snekcip said...

Ahhhh Mo, I know what you mean. Since Bree has turned 4, I find myself wanting to "slow down time"! I see my "baby" growing before my eyes! Her vocabulary, her ability to ALSO peddle a bike like the "witch in THE WIZARD OF OZ" and just her personality has exploded!!

L said...

Hi Mo! Happy Easter to you and yours! I know what you mean about freezing the kids in time. Mine are 10 and 15 now and I look at them and wish they could stay like this. I am waiting, but not pushing, for my talisman as well. I have the emails if you need me to forward them to you. Enjoy your girls!
Laurie Harding in NJ

MaryH said...

Happy Easter with those two girlies - my two girls are 28 and 32 - still having fun on many different levels and so many memories to treasure and ones to dream of - good egg hunting, everyone.

laura said...

I asked for a price quote on a relax tailsman, quite some time ago..I can resend if you need me to?

laura in CO

Kim said...

Well HELLO Mo!! I too am on the talisman list ~ however, if you fit it in your busy schedule ~ cool ~ if you don't, not a big deal either!! I know how full your life is right now ENJOYING those precious girlies ~ and that is what is most important!! I have been looking for the "stop growing" button for years....and I just have never found it! I truly don't know how you do it all!

Have an amazing Easter weekend! I cannot wait to see and hear about the egg hunts!!

Zhohn said...

Oh I love Ellie posts! She is so getting big; I remember body cast pics!

Wishing all of you a Happy Easter!

tricia said...

Happy Easter to you all!!!

Tracy said...

Yes, she is looking like a big girl! Happy Easter

Shannon said...

Waiting on my Overman canvas. :)

nineisenuff said...

Happy Easter to your family. I have always said that age 2 was my very favorite! Their personality starts to show, and they can communicate. However, I'm beginning to think that I like the older ages now, too. It's awfully nice to be able to say, "please go take your shower". Each age has its challenges & blessings!

blessedmomof3 said...

Happy Easter! I am also on the talisman list for savor.I am like everyone else, its no big rush. I have my email if you need me to send it again. Miss Ellie looks awfully grown up riding her bicycle!

Leigh Ann

Riley said...

Hey Mo! I sent you an email.

Amy K said...

I agree with the thought of freezing in time. We are down to 43 days 'til our first child's many things we've been reminiscing about.

You just blogged about a canvas for Amy, and I sent you an email, but thought I'd comment here as you want everything in one place.

Easter Blessings to you all!

The Mommy said...

Hi, Mo! Happy Easter to you and yours! I do so enjoy the photos you share. It always brings back fond memories of my children when they were younger. I always find myself saying "I wish they could stay this age.", but then again, I find myself saying that at just about every age. I just keep taking photos and trying to document to save and treasure some of those many memories. I also had a talisman on the list but am in no hurry. Enjoy the moment with your girls!

Have a blessed day!

T'Ann Love