Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Gabbi Lou

Just a few pics of my sweet Gabbi Girl. She wears whatever I slap on her. Let's me fix her hair any ol' way I want. And only asks that I let her watch her Dora vidoes in her room or in the car. Not much to ask, I'd say!
She is the reason I get to fulfill my motherly fantasy of buying way too many clothes and actually getting to have my child wear them! I really thank her for that!
And she's so dang sweet. Looks precious in pink!
Wait! Etu, Gabbi?! Are you pulling out that ribbon?!
STOP! Don't you dare, Gabbi Girl. You are mama's precious angel!
I mean it. Let go of that ponytail!
Shew. NOthing like a YooHoo and some Teddy Grahams to save the day! We are back in video, ignore the hair, mode!
ANd in minutes, we will be going to the baseball game with Ellie, probably in a ribbed tank top and some blue jeans. With her hair in a "messy bun".
I love this picture. I love the lighting. I love that it totally captures my sweet girl as she is most of the time at this age. Sweet, innocent, and watching her videos.

Oh wait! It's NOT Dora! Anyone recognize this movie? It's a major kick Gabbi is on! It's Beauty and the Beast. She could watch it over and over and over. She watches it every single night!
We tried ALice and Wonderland the other night. Didnt' really catch on around here. Thank the LORD! What a WEIRD movie! However, we are watching The Night Before Christmas in the car nowadays!

These are the things I am going to look back on and remember so well. (I think I can recite Beauty and the Beast by heart!!)



Amy K said...

Where oh where did blogger put my comment??? Trying again...
GG is such a sweetheart. Love her adorable outfit...can't wait to see/hear what Ellie wore! :)
Gabbi's polka dotted chair is awesome.
I am forever ooooing and ahhhhing over your girls and all the awesome things in your BAH.
Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend, and I hope you find some time to relax.

Renee said...

She is beautiful Mo. Her bedroom is too cute. Love all the colors in her bed comforter.

Unknown said...

Ooh, what a cutie patootie! Love that outfit, too. I remember the days of fixating on just one movie -- I could recite Peter Pan by heart. Enjoy the time; it flies by.

tricia said...

she is just so precious. her outfit is ADORABLE

Tracey said...

Mo she is adorable. But, honestly, when did she go from the chunky monkey toodler to the tall and slim little lady? Wow, she looks so grown! I love all the cute clothes she allows you to dress her in. I miss those days. My youngest is 14 and anything I pick out just gets an eye roll!! Enjoy it while you can.