Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ellie and Maddi

Just had to post this for memory's sake! This first one is blurry. I wasn't sure I was seeing things clearly. SO, let's take another, closer look. ummm hmmm.... It seems Ellie felt it was time for a diaper change. Yes. Madi is still struggling in the potty training department. She genuinely seems afraid of the potty. Anyone had experience with that?!
But never fear, her three year old (thinks she's 12) cousin is always there to lend a hand!
Ellie just laid her down on that coffee table and took care of the situation. Afterwards, everyone climbed atop the kitchen counter (hey, it's a way of life around here) and ate some snacks.
This is a girly girl's world around these parts.
And I wouldn't want it any other way!



Beth E. said...

I don't know if girls and boys are the same regarding potty training, but we had the same prob with our oldest son. He was about 3 1/2 before we trained him. The thing that worked for us...we got rid of the diapers/pull ups and went to cotton training pants. Fortunately, the weather was warm, so we just let him run around the house in the pants and a shirt. He HATED feeling the wetness, and in just a few days was trained completely. Good luck to Stacy and Don!

P.S. If one type of potty chair seems to be scaring Maddi, maybe using a different style would work?

tricia said...

I'm surprised with Ellie potty trained that Maddi isn't hell bent to be potty trained also. I would think that was motivation enough. She'll get there all in her own good time!

Scares me every time I see the girls on the counter. You are more of a risk taker than I ever was when raising my kids.I always worried about falls.

Ellie is certainly a take charge young lady. I just love her personality!

kimybeee said...

love it - how sweet that they take care of each other! don't know about the potty training thing except that it is my experience that kiddos all do it on their own time!! who needs to potty train if your cousing will take care of you!!!

Karen said...

How Funny!!!! I almost fell out of my chair laughing. That Ellie is so Cute.. All the three Girls are adorable.


Mary said...

I really think that kids just decide when they are ready to be potty trained and they aren't going to do it until they are ready. We tried everything-every possible method you could imagine. Then, when we finally quit our 3 year old just decided he wanted to do it and did great.