Monday, April 4, 2011

It's baseball season!

Remember years past how we tailgate at the ULM baseball games? Wellllll, this year's no different! And we are experiencing springtime around here, so we are in spaghetti strap tops and flip flops. I am LOVIN' it!!
Emma Lou and Paula went with us to this particular game.
Oh, looky. Ellie has gone and opened up that wound on her forehead.... AGAIN! Will that thing EVER heal?!
She bumps it into everything. The doc who sewed her up originally (New Year's Eve 2007) is also our neighbor. He thinks she will likely need plastic surgery on it, as it is pretty raised and the bone, itself, has experienced some changes. It is protuberant, so anytime she bumps into anything, it is prominent enough to take the blow.
Ok, back to the game. This is the kind of thing we grill at the game. We are no novices!!
This is Les. His son plays for the Warhawks! And that is Todd. He will never have a son who will play for the Warhawks! Soooooo, we live vicariously through Les!
Know why. Cause Todd has sweet girls.
Sweet, lovin girls who just wanna love him and give him sugar!
Oh, I think I showed these tees earlier, but they deserve a second look.
Hey there. It's Emma! ANd she's sportin that number 11! Hey Jake!
By the way, as God is my witness, as I type this, it is 4/3/2011 (adds up to 11) and it is 11:11 pm. Just sayin'! HEY JAKE!! WHatchu trying to tell me, boy?!
During the game, my youngest made some new friends. She, I do believe, is going to be my ball player.
Ellie has shown ZERO interest in a ball, whereas, Gabbi Girl can't resist playing with a ball.
Well, look who the cat dragged in! It's Mary Allison!
And can I tell you that I don't think there's ever been a sweeter baby. Especially not one who has shown her mom this much affection!
My Gabbi Girl L-O-V-E-S her mama!!
ANd her mama L-O-V-E-S that baby girl!
This is Ellie trying to move in on a big girl conversation.
And check out big girl's expression. She just don't know yet that Ellie is really 12 in a 3 year old's body! Give her a few minutes, she'll be runnin' that conversation! !
Well, hello there, Pammy.
So nice of you to bring snacks!
Gabbi found another friend. We learned that they may go to school together.
His mom and dad seemed nice enough! Ok, you have my blessing! Ha. I WILL be meeting the parents of the young men who will someday want to date my girls. They are so going to be OVER my prying! Oh well, they can raise their own girls however they like! And I'll do the same!

Bubbles seemed to be a big hit at the game. We pull out all the stops to entertain the itty bitties.
It is so much fun seeing Gabbi come into her own, developing her own cute little personality! She is quite independent at functions like this. You have to keep a close watch on her, because she has no interest in following the crowd, or doing whatever it is they are doing!
Hello there, Erin. Erin helps us with Shake for Jake every year.
And this is a big chunk of our crew.
Awww... PawPaw. I think this needs to be blown up!! This is a keeper.
Gabbi found cupcakes, and icing on the tips of her finger.
And she wore a cute little bracelet that I had made for the local docs/ nurses for St. Patrick's Day. I heard they wer ea hit.
Gabbi definitely liked hers! Ellie was too busy meeting the high school kids and conning them into letting her use their phones. ( I am not kidding)
Afterwards, the big kids, (and Gabbi!!), hit the field for a little running and playing!
I just never dreamed GG would be my ball player. But I am afraid so!
Ok, daddy. Get ready! I think we'll have one doing nothing but dancing and the other at the ballpark. I am just making a prediction here!
Looking forward to a big, busy week. How bout you?! Tell me something exciting happening in your life this week!



tricia said...

I love the pictures of your 'doings' at the ballpark! It certainly is quite the social gathering.

I don't have anything exciting happening this week but am finally able to relax a little bit more and I'm going to take full advantage of that.

Kathryn said...

Our younger daughter, 26, is getting married Saturday night. We are so busy, happy, excited!

Renee said...

You look great in the pics Mo! I love baseball so, go GG. Be a ball player girlie.

Excitement in our life - ummmm.... I have one home sick, hubby has to work nights the next 2 nights and the oldest has 3 ball games this week. Oh, but I am going on my godchild's field trip on Friday b/c he said his Nanny is so cool. :)

kimybeee said...

funny that you mentioned jake cause i was gonna tell you that it is time for a jake post!!! so get on it!!!

Shannon said...

Ready for spring in our neck of the woods!! Still cool in the 50's but getting there. out my flowers beds I see signs of green!!!

Zhohn said...

Mo you look great! We haven't seen much of you lately, just those precious girls. Oh I can't wait to see pics of GG playing ball and Ellie dancing; or whatever they decide to do!
Have a great week! Can't wait for the morning pics of the girls on fb, love seeing their outfits!

Kaia said...

This week I get to go to a doctor's appointment with my pregnant sister! And shopping! I live 2 hours from a real shopping town so I'm excited!

Tammy said...

Well since you asked, my kitty boy is getting fixed on friday, lol! Hey thats exciting right? Been lazy about commenting, but had to say I love these newest pictures of you and Miss Gabbi, you are so pretty! Inside and out! Hugs from Fort Worth! (just because I said I haven't commented in awhile, doesn't mean your not the 1st thing I ck when getting online) true dat!

Beth E. said...

Oh, gee...nothing exciting this week. Next week we're spending a couple of days with some friends of ours at a favorite location. That's about it!

Mowing season has begun here, so my hubby is geared up to mow yards again this year ....that's after he gets home from his regular full-time job. I guess we have to pay for the big wedding somehow! ;-)

nineisenuff said...

Funny you should mention boys and dating! If they can get their plans together, our oldest daughter will be going on her first (group) date! She has great taste, and I'm not worried about it, but it is new territory for all of us.

I love 'watching' your family live a big life. We're trying to do the same thing. You inspire me!

Rohrbachs said...

I love your blog ;)

Missy said...

Love me some ball,so Gooo Gabbi! I love ur predictions....ya never know...this week with just the kids I have two track meets,soccer games(2 I think),3 softball games,softball practice and that is all before.the weekend. Softball tournament this weekend with up to 5 or 6 games it and wouldn't trade a day of it.

Amy K said...

Oh my goodness, those pics of you & Gabbi are darling.
Exciting things around here...well I don't know if this mama would call it exciting or anxiety-ridden, but today is college registration day for our oldest. Yikes, those 18 years just FLEW by, and I'm just not ready to let go yet! But, I am busy planning for graduation that is now 61 days away.