Monday, April 18, 2011

Eight on a golf cart.

Zhohn, first things first. YES, I will send you a prize... for top stalker! She not only knew my middle name was Susanne (and spelled it correctly!! Named after my mom's mom, Susie), but also that Ellie's middle name is also Susanne, Gabbi's is Louanne, and Staci's is Leanne. CRAZY Stalkerish, Zhohn! Ha! Now, do you also know that Todd's mom's middle name is Ann? His grandmother is Anna Mae. Ellie's birthmom's middle name is Ann, as is Gabbi's birthmom's?! Huh? HUh? Did you know all THAT?! That's some CRAZY stuff, ain't it?! Oh, and JinJin's middle name is Annette! Anyway, this is our neighbor, Ella Kate. She, Gabbi, Ellie, Madi, and her little brother, Sam, make 5 kids 3 years old and under in the three houses at the end of our street. Think they are gonna have some fun times growing up!? And Ella Kate is one of FIVE kids!
This past weekend was Ella Kate's third birthday, and don't you EVEN think we don't have pics of the big event!
Here's Cole. Their mom, Cynthia had just driven up with them when I was cruising by (a daily event!) on the golfcart.
So, we added two more and kept on chugging.
Not sure WHAT Madi is doing here. Staci are you reading this? I don't like spelling Madi "Madi". I can't quit thinking it should be "Maddi". You care for my opinion? Just checking.
Hey, I spy Todd. Do you?
Hint: He has a very fast lawn mower.
ANd then what happened? Well, their daddy, Tommy, drove up with the other three. ANd so, what the heck. Let's ALL go for a ride!
All EIGHT of us!
Just another weird day in our neighborhood!



kimybeee said...

I didn't know that we could get prizes just for stalking! i should own a piece of your house or something by now lol todd needs to buy you a limo-pimped out golf cart so the whole neighborhood fits on it!!

tricia said...

I missed the whole stalking thing too. Oh well!

Looks like fun times at the Groves house on the golfcart.

Zhohn said...

Yay! Well Mo, you know I've been around a LONG time and i Remember things well. Everyone at work 'uses' my memory. Didn't know about Todd's middle name but I knew Ann was definitely spread through the family.

I do have a question, is Madi's middle name Hope-Ann?

Read your fb this morning, sure hope Ellie is feeling better and you were both able to rest.

Lori said...

Melanie, why is Madi striking that interesting pose with NO shirt on?? Just askin! I mean Stacey DOES own a kids CLOTHING shop...RIGHT?? I bet her brothers dressed her (or in this case NOT!). Anyway, I hope Ellie is better this morning! Lori

Georgia said...

Not weird, JUST MEMORIES!!!

Georgia said...
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Beverly said...

You have to win the prize as the best neighbor ever! Wish I lived next door or even down the street!

Theresa Shirley said...

I love the golf cart ride! I don't blame those neighborhood kids for wanting to join in! It already looks pretty "pimped out" to me, with the LSU stuff, haha. I looks so pretty around where you live. Love the "country" feel to it. That's the way I grew up. By the way, while you're sending "stalker prizes"...I never got my prize for FINALLY being the 1st one to comment on one of your posts :) haha...I know you need a personal assistant. Can I come live over there & be your assitant? :)

Deb M. said...

Cute and looks like fun times....I wanted to comment on Ellie's hair...WOW is it ever getting LONG YAY for Ellie - she must be so excited!!