Thursday, March 17, 2011


Let's see. I think we'll begin with a dear friend of mine, Kimie! Kimie's word is REST. She chose a bracelet to a necklace as she felt she would wear it more. She chose the word REST, as she has good reason. Kimie has taken very good care of her son, Andy, for the past several years. Sorry, kimie, I am not exactly sure how many. She dutifully cares for hi 24/7 after a devastating basketball accident left Andy very impaired physically due to a traumatic brain injury.
Kimie remains upbeat, involved in her church, and totally committed to her son. The bracelet has several leaves on it. To me, that is how we rest. Just go season to season, enveloped in the Lord's nest.
I know you love to read, so I included this charm. I also stamped you one that says "Calm". I think this is necessary for your RESTING! As well as total LOVE. Do you see that one above?! Knowing that above all, you LOVE your sons, and Jesus LOVES both them as well as you has to bring some degree of comfort.
I represented Ramsey and Andy Man (her twins) with the double hearts here, and two white pearls in the front of the piece.

I included a "HEAL" charm on one of the white pearls, as I continue to pray for Andy's improvement. His healing!
There is a cross with a heart on it to symbolize your faith, and a JOY charm, as no matter what, we are called to Keep the JOY of the LORD down in our hearts! WHERE?! Down in our hearts... (pausing for a little VBS flashback!) Anyway, you seem to understand that despite horrible circumstances, we need to stand firm in our JOY as a testimony of our faith in God.

The multiple little pearls all over the place represent your friends. You have the opportunity to witness to so many who watch to see how you accept your position given Andy's condition, as his caregiver. You have handled this situation with grace, and there will be jewels in your crown, Aunt Kimie! May you REST in God's love this year!

This one is for Miss Paula.
Miss Paula suffered with a significant brain insult several years ago, and now she finds herself facing another health challenge. She told me that she realized her LIFE word would be PEACE! This is not something that she chooses just once a year. She is guiding her life by this word, because she feels a peace from surviving a brain aneurysm. She went into a brain sugery with a peace she didn't even know existed. She came away from an operation which they weren't even sure she'd survive, with not a single side effect! Praise!
As I type this, she is out of state, determining treatment for a cancer which has spread. In fact, everyone who reads this, please pause and send a prayer for peace so Miss Paula will feel love and calm and acceptance. This is PEACE.
So, with that, I wish you PEACE as do many, many people who read this blog! May you find healing and a calm spirit to continue this battle. A fairly simple talisman that is light and easy to wear, so you can keep it on you and with you during your battle to remember that PEACE you felt before and cling to it in the coming months.
And for Becki. I am sorry that a piece of your talisman fell off. NOT cool! So glad you told you told me about it and that you sent it back to me. In an effort to "make it right", I am sending you these coordinating earrings to match your necklace.
Look, Becky. Good as new!
Alright, Miss Marti. For you...
Marti is a woman of few words. Didn't give me much to go on! Howeve, she does have daughter who, bless her heart, reminds her of Ellie Sue! And a son who was born on St. Patrick's Day. Because of that little fact, I geared the whole talisman to green, and HAD to add a shamrock! OH, and the fact that her special ed classroom has the theme F.R.O.G. That's part of the green too, Marti.
Marti tells me she has "BELIEVE" all over her house, and really loves that word. Therefore, it was front and center in her talisman.
There are four major strands. YOu are the crystal. For some reason, I always think the mamas are multi faceted and SHINE! The big stone is your husband to whom you refer as "a wonderful man". The round stone is your "little man" and funky dunky up there on top is the theatrical daughter of yours.
There are a couple of extra danglies which, to me, represent your students. I know a lot about kids in special ed, and a lot about those who give so sacrificially of their time to patiently educate them and change lives. Marti, you are Using your gift!!
Who can guess who this is for? Who can guess who needs their floor mopped? Polished? replaced?!
Ok, Denise, aka Chemoangel!
This one's for you! The quality of this picture is sad, but understand that I was trying to show you that the bottom is a chain, and the top is actually a light greenish velvet so you can wear it long or short.
I started with a big fat BELIEVE circle to remind you of the time you brought big time joy to a sweet little boy whose family BELIEVEd in his cure and now BELIEVE in his eternal life in Heaven. Thank you for all you did for him.
It was apparent in your email that your family means everything to you. Because of that, I started with your three little birds, the ones who you've encouraged to be free and independent, and who have flown to three different countries!

And to further represent them, I dedicated a little dangly charm like below to each of them. As well as a dangly for you and your husband.
Below, see your artsy daughter, Nicole's, strand. It has a more unique stone and an interesting, artsy shape, I think.
And here is Willie, up close! He is your techie guy. The one who has an intimate understanding of things of the nano size! For that, his strand has tiny little stones on it. Complicated. Smart!
And last but not least, this is for Shauna- your architect. I love the square stacked stone to represent structure and thus, architecture. I also think it is "more serious" and "hip" at the same time. Don't you agree?!
And now for you and hubby. I used 5 pieces of turquoise for Bill, as I find it amazing that he speaks five languages fluently. That is wild! and very, very impressive! His charm is the most complex, as he seems to be a very complex guy, yet warm and lovable!
This heart is hung to represent the love you have for your family. It is really all that matters in the long run, isn't it?!
And finally, your dangle, which is hung with a cancer awareness ribbon, as you have committed so much of your time and energy and heart to kids with cancer. Thank you for loving Jake!
And with that, talismans for the week of March 14th are over. I'll show more next week!


Bj said...

Those are so pretty Mo....I know I'm lovin' mine. You do good work gurl!!!........huggers, BJ

Marti said...

Mo - I love it. It hasn't gotten here yet but hopefully it will be here today! Can't wait to wear it. It s perfect. Actually I love to talk just writing it down was harder. ;)

snekcip said...

Lifting Miss Paula in prayer.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Happy Aunt Patricks Day to you & your family!
Is so cute that Ellie says that, I love it!
When my youngest daughter was Ellie's age, she loved the song "Mexico" by James Taylor & we had the video to it, so she would sing in front of the tv & dance, but when she sang the chorus, she always sang "Mexicoat" and we tried to correct her and tell her it was MEXICO, but she would have none of it - in her head it was "Mexicoat" and that is what she sang. To this day (and she is almost 25) whenever we discuss Mexico, we refer to it as Mexicoat as I am sure every St. Patrick's Day in your house will be known as "Aunt Patrick's Day".
Ellie made my day!
So, have a great Aunt Patrick's day,
Diana from Colorado

Lisa said...

I LOVE the bracelet!!

Denise said...

Mo... I am bowled over by the beauty of my talisman. You have interpreted my email so well and represented each individual so expertly. And I LOVE GREEN!!! (I have green eyes to match!). And I really like the ribbon idea... I wear a lot of shorter necklaces with my clothing.
Thanks sooooo much,
P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Amosann said...

Thank you, Mo, for posting about Mamaw's talisman. Please check out for an update. Any and all prayers are appreciated.

JenTJohn said...

Melanie, Fabulous job on Kimie's bracelet. She called me to tell me to get on blog to see it! You displayed her life so well. Thank you for loving our sweet boy, Andy and his precious mom!
Enjoy "seeing" your life via blog. Those girlies are just adorable. Kimie is enamored with Gabbi. I hear what Gabbi is saying, doing and wearing.