Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting with the big girls.

My girls seriously love all things artsy! And you-know-who seriously loves all things related to "big girls". So, when we had Clara spend the night, and Mary Allison help with a painting project, these two were in Hog Heaven!
Who has a Dollar Tree? DUDE! I LOVE the Dollar Tree! These velvet pictures were found there, and all they need is water to turn the colored dots into colors on the page.
You getting what I'm sayin' here?! NO PAINT! Yet, "painting"!
Now THAT's what I'm talking about! My sweet baby girl also loved this project.
And my big girl probably thinks she's ready to give lessons!
Clara spent the night with us and had a good time with all the activities of the weekend. We boiled crawfish, made felt barrettes, and did some outdoor painting. We also walked next door to borrow Emma Lou's bike. Shhhh... she was out of town!
It's pretty handy living here on the commune! Pretty much, Staci and Don, Paula and Johnnye, or Todd and I will have whatever any of use are needing. And having said that, Paula had to go pick up my girls from the daycare when Todd and I were in a dire panic last Friday, as neither of us could get them on time . They do daycare in our neighborhood.

I love my neighborhood peeps. ANd I love the big girls in our lives. It's literally ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD!



Theresa Shirley said...

Looks like you do live in a great place Melanie!! Good to have such great folks that you can rely on close by.....The girlies are already taking after their Mama with the "artsy-ness", huh? How could they not--heck, if I lived with you, you might even be able to make me artsy-craftsy!! lol :)

snekcip said...

Why do I hear the "STATE FARM" theme playing in the background! "like a good neighborrrrr...."!! Don't you just love GOOD NEIGHBORS, CLOSE FAMILY and GOOD INEXPENSIVE DOLLAR TREE STORE!!!

tricia said...

So glad that you moved to the 'hood'. Its great when you have peeps at the ready to help out

Amy K said...

What a great place to craft outside! It's such a blessing to have awesome neighbors.
We have a Dollar Tree fairly close, but I've never been in there! I'm going to have to check it out.

Kathryn said...

Fun! I love Dollar Tree. Always find something wonderful!

Sharidrew said...

Love me some Dollar Tree!! We live in a very small town and just recently have a Dollar General. It's not as cool, but it is nice in a pinch! I love your outdoor area!! And good neighbors/friends defintely ROCK! Happy Mardi Gras week!

Hugs from Missouri,

Jill Gawrych said...

We have awesome neighbors too. We've talked about moving, but how would we guarantee good neighbors next time??

Also, SO jealous of the weather. We woke up to lots of snow. Again. I'm done with it... moving to your neighborhood!

Martha from NC said...

Girl, I could not exist without Dollar Tree! It is def the
Looks like the girlies are really talented in the painting department. I'm sure we'll see some of their work framed and on the wall soon.
Thanks for sharing your world in the hood. It rocks!