Thursday, March 10, 2011

My little ballerina

I have a very big girl on my hands. After I laid out her dance clothes, then came in to help her get dressed, I find that instead...
she climbed up to that top drawer, changed leotards out and had FULLY dressed herself for dancing. I'm gonna have to say, I am impressed!
I mean, it's not exactly easy to get your tights on frontwards, without a big slouch at the ankle. But, NOT for this girl!

So, when I returned with my camera, she was equally ready to pose it up for me.
I think she is a genius. I'm just sayin'! But do all mamas kinda think this about their kids?!
And don't you think that "big baby" (that's the given name so far!), is also going to wear tights, a leotard and...
Hair in a bun!?
I found a tutu that Lindsay made for Ellie when she was a tiny little thing. And lo and behold, it fit Big Baby.
Miss Linda and Linda Lou even let Big Baby sit in the studio and watch the dance class. (It helps to have connections!)

I'm just happy Ellie is kinda liking doll play! We have SO many babies, and a kitchen set, and baby strollers, swings, etc. I NEED her to want to play babies from time to time!
YES. That IS the Christmas tree you are STILL seeing in Ellie's room. TODD>>> DO YOU READ MY BLOG? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!
Gabbi Girl wants to go in the studio every week and watch too. Miss Linda said she could, but I wasnt' ABOUT to open that can of worms!
She and I just hung in the waiting room and watched on the monitor.
I was off this day to take Ellie to dance, because Gabbi Girl was having a "sick day". I know, she should've stayed home, BUT, I wanted to take Ellie since I never get to. I quarantined her!
T minus two months til recital. Should be a TRIP! On today's dancing day, Ellie and Maddi got separated! They had so much to catch up on that they couldn't quit talking and visiting and such!
This seems to be a common occurrence! Those girls need about an hour prior to dance class each week to just get reacquainted.
Dancing memories are gonna be fun ones! Mo


Amy K said...

I just love how independent Ellie is. They're both so adorable!
I hope you will be posting video of the recital, so all Ellie's fans can watch too! :)

Renee said...

The recital will be priceless! Yes, most mom's think their babies are genuises, but dressing her self at 3 is quite impressive. LOVE GG's outfit. Too stinkin cute

Theresa Shirley said...

Yep--she's a smart girl, that's for sure!! I think that's very impressive for a 3 yr old. She knows what she wants, & just takes care of it herself!! Yes, please post video from the recital so that we can see too :) Can't wait til Gabbi gets to take dance too. They are both so precious!!

snekcip said...

Very impressive Ellie! I'm loving the "doll play" too! We are 3 mos away from recital here and I'm so very excited!

I also NEVER get a chance to take Bree to dance, it's usually my niece that takes her and along w/her daughter *who is my little great-niece*! I kinda understand "the longing to bring them yourself"! I had TWO TEETH pulled a few weeks ago *and was off from work* but was determined to take her to dance that day! I gauzed up, took my pain pills and shuffled her little "tutu'd bottom" into the studio!

Hey....a working mom gotta do what she gotta do!

PS How many tights do Ellie go thru in a month? I would swear that Bree is breakdancing in class! Every time she gets home she has a huge hole somewhere on the tights!! Ughhhhh!!!

Beverly said...

I envy you this time in your life. I'd love to go back for a day or 20. Brings tears to my eyes. I love your two girls!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
That Ellie is something else! She is definitely far ahead of herself for sure. I still struggle with getting tights on right…….but that’s just me 
All of us Mom’s think our children are the smartest, but I think Ellie has a jump on it. Maybe someday she will pursue a career in fashion – who knows???
How cute that “big baby” watches her dance – adorable, along with Gabbi (who always looks so cute).
Mo, have a wonderful Thursday,
Diana from Colorado

tricia said...

Yes I believe all/most moms think their kiddos are genius. I'm not surprised at all that Ellie puts those tights on so well. Can't wait to see recital pics!

Kaia said...

Love that outfit on Gabbi!

Mama J said...

I have to agree with you that you just might have a little genius on your hands...very wise for her years. Let's see how that works for ya as she gets older. LOL... I have no doubt that you will handle whatever they throw at ya...remember we all believe you are supermom, superboss, superwife, SUPERDUPER....period. Love your sweet family!

breanna said...

haha! my kids still have their trees up too! well, actually only elijah...hazel pulled hers and renee's tree down a couple of days ago, and it's still on the floor where it fell. Shameful, I know! If only I felt like bending over...

and a monogramed leotard! good choice ellie!

Anonymous said...

Ellie makes the most beautiful little ballerina!! And completely dressing herself at 3 - tights and all - is impressive!! She even gets her feet in correctly - lots of times they end up with the "heel" part on the top of their feet. Yup she's one smart cookie!! Her poses are precious and I cannot wait to see pictures of her very first RECITIAL!!!! Just thinking of Ellie and Maddi having to catch-up on all the neighborhood gossip is too funny.... good times, good times!!