Sunday, March 20, 2011

On the way to daycare

This is a typical day on the way to daycare. Remember, Miss Donna's house is on our street, in our neighborhood, so I sometimes forego the whole carseat thing for a few blocks. Again, don't be hatin'! Staci gave Ellie those purple glasses which double as a headband. Gabbi laid hold on them and hasn't put them down since. She is a fan!

She (and I!!) are also a fan of these chocolcate milk boxes. She can plow through two like nobody's business!

I am so glad I have two girls. They always have a playmate. Especially bathtime! I can now put them in there, and they seem to think they are swimming! They do tricks for each other and have so much fun together!

Well, Happy Sunday. Hope the coming week is a good one. I read a book recently where the author asks his kids every day after school, "What was the most successful part of your day today? What are you most proud of?" I love that! I've started asking mine, "What was your favorite thing that you did today?" I will ease into "success" and "proud". But it seems like a really simple way to get your child thinking positively and to instill in them a sense of accomplishment while building esteem. Just sharing a little "pearl".


Bj said...

Such cutie pies....enjoy them while you can Mo, cause they grow up so quickly. I sometimes wish mine were still little....even my grandbabies are growing up. Ohhhh, the sweet memories!!!.....BJ

Marti said...

Love the glasses. We do worst and best St dinner every night.

The Mommy said...

I do so enjoy your posts and photos. It reminds me of when my kids were that young, not that they are old, they are just older. I love the little cardigans your girls wear so often. My two used to wear them all the time too...with skorts, jeans, skirts, etc. They were awesome for layering in the winter and as a "jacket" the rest of the year.

Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday!

tricia said...

Have a wonderful Sunday

jenny said...

Hey Mo, you might also ask them (maybe ask this first so you can finish up with the positive), What was the hardest thing about your day today? That way you may be able to "undo" any damage that someone's unkind words did to your sweet girlies. God bless.

Yvonne said...

We do a similar idea with our boys. At dinner time we ask what was your rose today and what was your thorn? Its a lot of fun to see how their answers change as they get older, plus it gives us great insight to their day. We have three boys 15,13 and 7 so getting information out of them is often difficult buy they always participate in roses and thorns :)

Nancy said...

So glad the fire stopped where it did!! God's blessing for you guys!

I to had noticed the leaning of the blogs toward Ellie, but never wanted to mention it....I love reading about both your girls.
Hope you have had a wonderful Sunday!

Tina said...

Our day was Going for free Rita's icee's and then going to watch the ducks at mcdonald's it was a very special moment watching the duck. Didn't know male ducks had such an attitude. The male duck even pushed the female duck out of the water. Cause she was swooning on another duck. Like i said those male ducks are something else. Had a very Good Sunday. Thanks.

Beth E. said...

Two cuties! I'm glad your girls are so close in age and seem to get along well. My younger sister and I fought like cats and dogs the entire time we grew up in our home! lol We're quite close now, though, so that's a good thing!

P.S. The Tysons were at our church today. What a sweet family! Adam did a wonderful job with his message...there wasn't a dry eye in the place!