Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ellie wants to dine outside.

Ellie Sue decided she wanted us to eat dinner outside. She went in and hauled these little chairs ALL the way from the back of her house to outside on the back porch area.
She was adament that this was going to happen!
I KNOW you saw what was sticking out of that back pocket. ( a princess "cell phone"). And that houndstooth pattern.... that is her inner pair of leggings. SHe is all about layering!
And because the big girls do the mismatched sock thing, so must Missy.
And she also put on a show!
Oh, Paula. I did as you asked. I watched your house for you. ANd unless John is now driving about seven vehicles, I think he DID take advantage of your being out of town.
We had a little mishap this past weekend. Check out our chargrilled deck! It was a neighborhood kid who, I think became a little curious with a lighter. Not going into detail, but three firetrucks later, we are A-OK.
Best news is... my kids are great! As am I. And Todd. And it's just wood. SO... it's all good.
Ok, back to Ellie. (see how I leave some really interesting details out of my blog!? I just don't want to dwell on the negative.)...
Ok. One more look. It was close to my house.
This child is just so much fun. Energy packed!
And ol' Earl THINKS he is still energy packed, but when he runs back home, he barely makes it. His heart is about to pound out of his chest. Poor ol' Earl.
Wow. Ellie's shucking clothes. Down to her bottom layer now.

And I was surprised that weekend when I asked for all those comments that several of you said I do more Ellie blogs than Gabbi. I really make an effor to be even steven! Now, I am all paranoid!
Soooo, be looking for my Gabbi Girl soon! Even though I talked all about her long hair this week. Hmmm....


Amy K said...

With a view that gorgeous, I'd want to dine outside too!

I'm thankful you're all alright, but so sorry to hear of your fire.

Can't wait to see....did you go for it? Is GG sporting a bob?

Have a beautiful, blessed weekend.

Mbeaty19 said...

I love this. Ellie has such a personality and love when you entertain us with blogs about her wild adventures.
I think you do a pretty equal job of writing blogs about both girls. I'm thinking people just remember Ellie's because hers are so much more action packed. Ellie's are her running around, dancing, creating, and being herself. Gabbi's are her sitting quietly playing, loving on her mom, and being herself.
Sorry to hear about the fire but it can be replaced. Glad no one was hurt and it didn't get to the BAH!
Even though it's the weekend hoping for some more blogs. Love them!

tricia said...

i love your backyard;just love it.

i don't know why people said such a thing about you being unequal in blogs. i think you do a great job in sharing their stories.

kimybeee said...

don't fret about the even thing - it is an older child issue, a phenom that happens world wide lol!!! i know in my case that my daughter is much more outgoing than my son, so he would prefer she get the most attention.

as for the fire, glad you were able to keep it small. i think a house fire is the worst thing that can happen to you on earth next to a death.

loves ellie's table dancing skills!

Belinda said...

Sorry about your deck, but I am glad everybody is ok...It could have been worse, and I love your attitude about it!!
I think your posts are pretty much even steven too..... I just love reading everyday about these silly sweet little girls, and I appreciate you letting us strangers be a part of your life!!

jneman said...

And you posted that picture of her being a big girl on the potty:)

Sorry to hear about your deck, but glad all are ok.

Rhonda said...

Having a 12 year old girl with a (real) cell phone in her back pocket at all times, I should NOT be surprised one bit that Miss Ellie Sue sports the same!!!!! Since she thinks she is 12 years old and all!! My only child daughter has a 16 year old cousin that she worships and wants to dress and act like, so I totally get it!!!!!

Kaia said...

I think you do them pretty evenly! Maybe people think that because Ellie's are more "exciting" since she is more energetic/does more crazy things that you blog about!

Beth E. said...

HO.LY.COW! Your deck! Lighters! FIRE! Neighborhood kids! DANG! Mo, I'm so glad everyone's okay. Seriously.

Ellie is a hoot. That girl's gonna give you a run for the money as a teen! Oh,!

Stay safe, friend. Hugs...