Sunday, March 20, 2011

a new sitter, Peyton

Have I introduced you to another of our babysitters, Peyton?!
She is another of the young ones that I like to bring on board as a trial run to sit with the girls while I am at home. I still get to see them and hang out with them, but the "entertainment" is left up to the young sitter!

The "entertainment" on this day included Cousin Maddi from next door. If Ellie had her way, we'd have her over (or she'd go there) every. single. day!

And as is usually the case, they take off whatever outfit they wore to each other's house and change into their cousin's clothes. This means a never ending "Is this ya'll's?!" dialogue between me and Staci. We are constantly, "Are these your shoes?" "Is this y'all's headband?" "Do you have our navy blue cardigan?" Etc!

Anyway, back to Peyton. I seriously feel like this little girl could make it in the modeling industry. Not that she'd ever want to. She has the sweetest disposition. So polite and quiet.

And I really, really, really love it when a babysitter just kinda does whatever the girls want to do. I mean, you know, within reason! But, for instance, if they want to play outside, and the sitter doesnt', she'll go anyway, because she realizes this is a "j-o-b". That is so appreciated.

Another babysitting perk is when I don't have to entertain the sitter too! That happens from time to time as well. They find out about my art room, and then instead of keeping the little girls OUT of my way, they bring them in there with her and expect me to give them all something to do. And like a dummy, I usually do!

But, Peyton did it right. They played outside for hours. And I got to work on orders for jewelry that I am STILL not caught up on. I swear to you (those who have still not received theirs) I am trying!

It's that whole, "gotta work to put food on the table" thing we got going on around here!

Looks like Peyton was a hit around here!

We will definitely have to ask her back! Our Mary Allison gets her license in about two months, so we will likely see less of her. And KK had to go and get her dadgum college degree. As IF!

So, in the meanwhile, I will just keep training them young! I have a FULL list on my celli telli! Mo


tricia said...

its sometimes hard breaking in a new sitter but this one looks like a keeper!

Sharidrew said...

All of your sitters have had model potential! You must grow them beautiful in Louisiana! It's wonderful to have someone to take care of the entertainment as those girlies are BUSY! (as is their Momma) Glad the babysitter trainee passed the test! :)

Hugs from Missouri,

Amy K said...

A sitter the kids don't want to leave is such a blessing! She looks fabulous.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful girl, and of course your girls too!!

Beth E. said...

Wow...Peyton is beautiful! I see what you mean when you say she could be a model!

I'm so glad you've found a sitter who's dependable and that the kids like. Good sitters are hard to find!