Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wow. Check you out, Belle!

Now get this! It NEVER snows in Louisiana. E-V-E-R! And I get a text from Todd the Bod that it is forecasted. And then, I get a call from him that it had snowed! And I am in TUCSON, ARIZONA, missing it!!

Don't you even think I didn't call the daycare to check on whether or not my children were properly dressed. Miss Donna said, "Yes, Daddy took care of them. They came in coats and little hats.". Sorry for doubting you Toddly!

Onto some fun pictures. As we were exiting the parks in Orlando, I decided to grab a Belle wig. I knew that Ellie would love it. She is all about "long hair" and always matches up characters who "Have hair like me" or "has hair like you, mom". Meaning blond or brunette! I just KNEW she'd love the opportunity to be like Belle. And, buddy, was I ever right!! She and Gabbi Girl are in the bed, watching our new "Boo-bies" movie. (For those in the know, that is Beauty and the Beast). As soon as Belle came on the screen, Ellie climbed out of bed and raced to get her wig. She also did that in the car on the way home.
We were just riding along on the interstate, and we put in the movie for them. All of a sudden, we heard Ellie getting out of her seat. By the time I looked back, she'd gotten back into her carseat and was donning her brunette hair!
And please note the yellow bow in the back. This is so hysterical to me! That child is a drama queen!
"Tale as old as time...."
Come on, everybody, chime in!
Gabbi couldn't care less about the hair. She just wanted to wear these gloves. With not a single finger in its slot, mind you!
I have got some pretty funny kids!
I can't wait to see my babies tomorrow!!
P.S. Gooooooo Packers!!


Amy K said...

These pictures made my day this morning....too cute!

Have a safe trip home.

And Yes, GO PACK GO!!!!!! Many here in WI have had their flights cancelled - hope they get there in time.

(Speaking of wintery weather, did you see the news video of ice sliding off Cowboys Stadium onto 5 workers below, injuring them all; 1 critically? Scary!)

Theresa Shirley said...

Good ole Daddy---had those girls dressed right! He probably knew better than not to :) Ya'll got snow AGAIN? We haven't had any more since our big snow about 3 weeks ago....I kinda hope we are through with it for this winter--although it was beautiful. Hope you're having a great time. Did Stacey go with you? I saw the pictures you posted on FB of all the silver stuff...looked great! Lord only knows what you'll be makin' when you get back!!

tricia said...

i think most little girls love long hair. ellie looks stunning!

i had no doubt that daddy dressed up those babies as warm as toast!

have a safe trip home

Rhonda said...

Love the wig!!! That's SO Ellie Sue!!! :)

We had 7 inches of snow in Rockwall, Texas yesterday!!! Crazy!! That never happens here either! But it is VERY cold in Texas - been in the teens since Tuesday morning....again, never that cold in DFW!

Beth E. said...

Way to go, Todd! He was on the ball this time, wasn't he?!

The wig cracks me up! Don'tcha just love little kids' imaginations?