Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mama gets to watch dancing!

I'm giving y'all a little break from Disney. But don't you think we won't be right back on vacation tomorrow! I just HAD to post these! I am in Tucson! Yes. At the bead show! Yes, fired up about it!

But because of all the delays in airlines, I had to miss half a day of my bead shopping on Wednesday, due to severe delays. But, guess what! GLASS HALF FULL! I never get to see Ellie Sue at dancing. JinJin has taken her to dancing the entire first semester of the dance year.
And now, Daddy has to finish up until recital, because I I have to work out of town every Wednesday. Soooo.....
I was so excited (but she was even more so!!) that I got to take her to dancing on this particular day! Mom also tells me that "Ellie never looks as cute as the other kids. They have little tutus and cute buns and little sweaters...." . Ok, ok, mom, give me the guilt trip!
Well, NOT today!
Ellie had leg warmers, a cute skirt accessory, a criss cross sweater, and french braids. Hey, JinJin...I didnt' see another single girl in her class with french braids! Just sayin'!
And guess what else, JinJin.... I wrapped up Valentine gifts for our two dancing teachers too!
Yep! That's right. Who's the standout student today, huhhhhh?!

Miss Linda Lou is a good friend of mine, and is Ellie's main teacher. Ellie just loves her!
And here's something new. As I was trying to get a cute picture of Ellie and her teacher, Gabbi sauntered on over and poppped that hand up on her hip. Can you believe she is learning "the pose"!?
And then, we have these kinds of faces. Look at Gabbi Girl. I am LOVING her new outgoing personality!
But she was NOT ok with staying out in the waiting room. This little toy kept her preoccupied for quite a while.
But you can only spin wooden beads up a thick wire for so long! And naturally, we also went through, "And what color is THIS bead, Gabbi?". ANd how about THIS one, Gabbi?"
And then, it was back to the screaming and crying to go into the studio with Miss Linda and Linda Lou. And I mean, take her out of the waiting room kind of sobbing!
Daddy doesnt' take Gabbi with him when he picks up Ellie on Wednesdays from daycare. I asked him,"HOW can you pick up just Ellie and leave Gabbi at daycare? She's gonna have abandonment issues!". But, after today, I kinda get it! She was NOT cool with chilling in the waiting area, watching her sissy dance! (Far left... WHY she is out there all by herself... I have NO idea!)
I was really excited to get to go watch this special event. Truly I was!
I hate missing these big parts of her life. But, I remind myself, there are very few things that I don't really get to be a part of. This just happens to be one of them.

Luckily, I trust my friends, Linda Lou and Miss Linda (who was also MY dance teacher when I was three years old!), to tell me how my baby girl is doing and if she needs her mama there for anything in particular.
Please take note of Miss Linda's totally blinged out red Valentine earrings. Ellie picked those out special for her! Linda Lou got hot pink crystal "Love" ones.
We are blessed that our girl gets to take dancing. Blessed that her teachers love her. And blessed that I just found out that there is a combined 3 year old/ 4 year old class in the fall! Yippeeeee.... cause then, we'll have TWO dancers!!


tricia said...

so sweet they both looked! yay for Daddy Todd taking Ellie to dance!

Pepper said...

Love it when they are this little and are happy all the time. Have fun at the bead show.

Beverly said...

That's so sweet. I love those french braids. My daughter is 39 but I still remember doing those french braids.

Theresa Shirley said...

Hope you have a great time in Tucson! I'm sure you're buying some great new beads for talismans!! Love Ellie's french braids, she looks super cute in her dance attire. Like I've been saying--Gabbi just looks so DIFFERENT! It's like she's almost as "grownified" as her big sister now! Wow--what happened? She's learning all the cutie tricks now too, isn't she? Again, hope you have a great time shopping!! :)

Kristina said...

That picture of Gabbi with her hand on her hip is priceless. Love on those babies as much as you can. My youngest turned 6 today and my oldest will be a teenager later this year. I am not handling this growing up thing too well at all! Thank you for sharing your girls with us. They are precious and a lot of fun to know through cyberspace!

Renee said...

Love that GG is learning the "pose". Too cute.

Rhonda said...

Adorable - as usual!!! I can't imagine Ellie not being dressed appropriately....they both always look like dolls!! That picture of Gabbi sneaking in and posing is darling - baby girl is growing up!!

snekcip said...

Oh I love her outfit and the french braids! Mo, I can definitely understand! I have YET to see Bree at her dance class on Tuesdays! My niece picks Bree and Kynadey up and picks them up. There class time is right during the hours I work. I do get cute little outfits for her to wear and my niece usually snaps pictures of her in it. I can't wait until recital time to see all that she has learn! *I like the monitor at Ellie's dance studio*!!

Have a great time in TUCSON!!

Beth E. said...

Awww...I'm glad you got to spend a special day at dance class with Ellie! I understand about Gabbi wanting to be right with her big sis, though. When our boys were young, we had similar issues with them. The youngest son just didn't understand why he couldn't do everything with his brother.

You had Ellie decked out in her dance gear! And French braids??? They look adorable!

Beth E. said...

P.S. Pick some pretty beads for my talisman! ;-)

Mbeaty19 said...

So excited you got to take Ellie to dance. I'm sure it must be hard to miss out on that part of her activities. But like you said you get to be a part of so much. I'm sure JinJin and Todd enjoy sharing that experience with her (well maybe not Todd as much) Love the pictures though and so glad you shared them. Wow is Gabbi's little personality really starting to shape itself. Love the gifts Ellie 'got' her teachers and think it's so great the bond you have with her teachers previously. Can't wait for the pictures of both the girls dancing next year!

Anonymous said...

Impressive that Daddy Todd takes Ellie to dance - YAY DADDY!! (and smart, too, for leaving GG at daycare!!)

Ellie looks simply adoreable in her dance skirt and leggings - PRECIOUS......and she's all full os smiles so she MUST enjoy her dancing very much! Looking forward to seeing her recital pictures.... how exciting!!!

breanna said...

so cute...way to make me fell jealous...only a few more moths until my girls are in "real" dancing!!!!!!! YIPEE!!!