Thursday, February 24, 2011

Playing dress up with the big girls!

Understand when I say, this is only PART ONE! I love it that the "big girl" next door often wants to come over to hang out with my little girls, even when her friends are over to spend the night. On this particular night, we had Emma Lou and Piper.
And believe it or not, we had enough dress up clothes for girls big and little to wear! Mostly, they were stuck with bridesmaids' dresses!!
And every time they came out, Ellie came out too! She had WAY more to choose from!
I think they had more fun coming out and posing than anything else! Strange poses!!
But Ellie Sue loved the whole idea of the girls allowing her to be a part of it all!
Emma eventualy even brought in props! Talk about a clean up nightmare... playing dress up!!!
UGH! We had to play that whole "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present... Elllliiieeee" ANd EMMA. ANd PIPER. And eventually even Gabbi!
They even found my Halloween outfit. Piper, where was that?! Does anyone remember when I was going to name Gabbi Girl Piper?!
Actually, she was going to be Annabelle Piper. I still LOVE Annabelle for her! I tell Todd I think she looks like an Annabelle! I just still think so!
But she looks like a Gabbi too! So I'll drop it now. (Maybe)
Ok, why do you think Ellie is making this face?! Please see the previous photo and figure it out! It has something to do with a hero!
Yay! Enter Gabbi GIrl!
Who was also almost Olive. Remember I loved that name too! But.. Olive Groves?! Umm... if not for that she'd have been an Olive. Ellie and Olive. How dang cute is that?!
Here we go again... Ellie staring at Emma to copy her pose!
And again...
And there it is!
And again... legs ups in the air.Emma turns to the back, Ellie turns to the back. It's a mini me!
And can you see that the same costumes keep coming out? They'd just run back to the room and trade clothes!!
Oh, and how in the world could I have forgotten my all time favorite name, "Charlie" ? I LOVED that name! Todd nixed that one. Then there was Georgia... a name I have loved for a long, long time! Jorja. Remember, for the JOR like Jake Owen Raborn?!
I'll drop it now. Really!
She makes the cutest Gabbi Girl!
And there'll be more dress up tomorrow! Get ready!


Theresa Shirley said...

Look--I'm the first one to comment! That Ellie with her hip thrown out in that pose just kills me--she's a hoot!! So sweet that the big girls like to come over & play with your girls. Heck--I don't blame them--probably kids of all ages would love to come to your house!!!

Bj said...

TOO DANG CUTE!!....and Mo, got my talisman key chain yesterday....I LOVE IT!! May be ordering one for my daughter and daughter-in-love soon!......huggers, BJ

Kathryn said...

Cute girlies!

tricia said...

Ellie is the ultimate mimic! LOl

Looks like the girls are having fun.

She's a Gabby w/o a doubt!

snekcip said...

Oh how I remember the name saga! Todd was stuck on Gabby though! I think she is a GENUINE GABBY GIRL!!

*did you get your pkg yet?*

Renee said...

Gabbi Girl fits her perfect so no name changing Mom!

Rohrbachs said...

cute i wished my little girls had some girl neighbors. We have only boys and she is one girl out of 5 boys :)