Friday, February 25, 2011

Dress up with big girls... ctd.

Yep more! And why in the world isn't anyone changing Gabbi Olive Charlie Annabelle 's costume?! Emma Lou found my Halloween cape.
Lawdy Lawdy! Girls. You have got some imagination!
And this sweet little rabbit is just happy to be playing!
Ok, here comes the hurricane!
Look at Ellie eyeballin those big girls to mimic their poses!
Even Gabbi Girl got in on the poses. She's really coming into her own. She can even throw out a hip from time to time to get her pose on!
Emma took skirts only to make an outfit!
And Piper, I think this dress is from when I was like in kindergarten!! ANd you are a third grader?! But, I can appreciate you for trying!
Ellie is able to rock ALL my old danec recital costumres! I think that is kinda neat!
And come May, she'll have her OWN dance recital costume! Woop woop! Oh no, Ellie. You canNOT do that!
Wanna bet?! "I can sure try!"
Ellie, someday, my child! Someday!
Can you tell this is just getting weirder and weirder?! And this went on F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!
Please note I am in my art room! When I am in my art room, all kids have to parade in and out of there... ONLY there! Not in one of the two huge, great and wonderful bedrooms I built for them, with closets full of toys! Nope. Only in MY room. Where I am!
They love me. WHat can I say?! And here we go again.
Ellie spies Emma....
And guess what her next pose is!
Bout to round it up now. Emma is now in my 8th grade dance team uniform.Very creative with the skirts, Pipe!
And now we have pajama bottoms and a SUperman shirt. Are things winding down?!

I do declare! I think the show is over! Hope you enjoyed it! If I sit in my art room this weekend, I am sure we will have a whole lot more of the same! Thanks Emma and Piper for entertaining my baby girls so much!



Beverly said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing and it starts my morning off with a smile!

Theresa Shirley said...

I bet they entertain you too!! So cute :)

Amy K said...

Mo, these two posts have been great entertainment. I especially love the pompon wig!
Glad to see GG's feeling better.

tricia said...

Its fun to see how the girls play. You are lucky they have 'big playmates' to entertain them but seems like you were part of the group as photographer. Not sure you got much work done.

Kathryn said...

Funny girls!

Renee said...

That is some costume DIVAS you got over there Mo!

Kaia said...

No offense to Piper (or you for liking it!) but I was glad when Gabbi was not PIper.. It always reminds me of a Scottish Highlander or something! Which I am totally uneducated about but aren't they the ones that play bagpipes? haha.. I must agree that she does kind of look like an Annabelle though ;)