Sunday, February 6, 2011

Packers WIN!!

Stick that finger up, Ellie. Yeah, that's right! Number one! Who's number one?! The Packers!!
The girls were oblivious to the need for their mama to find gold and green outfits for us to go down to Staci's for the big game. But thankfully they obliged. And the answer to your question is yes!
Yes we DO need to get some sort of window covering for above my bathtub. Just sayin'!
And have you noticed this really pretty fake smile phase Ellie is passing through?!
Yeah, it's nice.
But when I get an authentic smile.... man oh man, is it ever cute?!
Ellie and her daddy donned their cheeseheads in preperation to head over to Don and Staci's for the big game.
Any of my FB friends will recognize this picture as my new profile pic. I couldn't resist!
Dad was as "into" getting them dressed as I was. Amazing how important their outfits can become on gameday! !
I insisted on a few shots of them prior to leaving.
We are ALMOST to a point where we can purposefully get them both in a photo and looking at the camera... ALMOST!
And even Gabbi is starting to say "cheeeeese" and look toward the camera.

It didn't take long until Gabbi felt it was her turn to try on the head accessory!
She thought it was plum great and refused to take it off!
Did you happen to notice Ellie's shirt?! I looked and looked, and can you believe I couldn't come up with anything yellow and gold?! Soooooo....
I cut up an old green tee shirt (actually, I'd cut it up a few weeks ago when I couldn't bare to throw out old tees, which weren't worthy of handing down, and I salvaged the material in a "for future use" box). Can you believe that "future use" was today!? I have NO IDEA about sewing! I just cut out a "G" and used some fuzzy scrapbooking fiber thread to stitch that puppy on. and because I am so slow and inefficient, I only spot tacked it.

But dang, I thought it turned out cute! ANd talk about cute....
If it were winter, I think this would be our Christmas card! How cute is our little cheesehead supportin' family!?

I mean, this is CUTE. I don't care who you are! A family of fruitcakes with cheese on their heads. THAT, my friends, is CUTE!
Miracle of all miracles occurred! I made my specialty! Pigs in a blanket! And then I got all creative in the kitchen. Here you can find me slathering on salty whipped butter and then sprinkling them with Tony's and sugar. They ROCKED!!! My FIRST ever attempt at public cooking in any shape, form, or fashion! And they were GONE! People snatched em up!
This si Don, Angie, and a new friend, Brooke.
The light was right, so I had to get a group together for a photo. Isnt' that a pretty picture?
And here is TG outside at his spot at the grill! He told me, "Did you know Clay Matthews is the national spokesperson for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?". I did not know that. ANd then he proceeded to tell me all about the medical check up one of my kiddos at the clinic had this past week while I was out of town, and the good report he got. WOW! Todd's been working at MMPT for the past 6 months or so, but I didn't realize how much he'd been paying attention.... to the patients, parents and now even recognizing their diagnoses on national campaigns. go, Todd!!
Back to some inside drama....
Ellie was pouting and saying, "MAddi won't let me through to play dress up". Please note the human barracade maddi has provided disallowing Ellie to cross to get to her bedroom.
So, I said, "Just step over her". And so she did!
Look at Maddi's face! She was none too pleased with that. And did you also notice that both of them had changed clothes, about 10 minutes into our being there!?
And then they decided to play "Ladies and Gentlemen". I've told you about this before, haven't I?! One of them plays the announcer and the other does the runway walk! They come in and say, "Ladies and gentlemen. I give you, MAdddddi". And Maddi runs in and models her latest outfit. And then, they take turns, and then they go change, and do it all again. I have no idea where they learned about "Ladies and gentlemen", but it is a must play game when they are together.
And while Ellie dressed up in a "riding a horse" costume, Gabbi Girl caught a few zzzzz's!!
As my friend, Angie, put it... "That's like Heaven on Earth"!
Oh, wait... now a Dora dress!
Sometime when I went to get a few jewelry supplies next door ( I cannot be idle!), one of these two grabbed my camera and went to town! Can you name my two besties?! There may be a prize awaiting!
And one of my besties' middle son was wearing my cheesehead when I returned. He thinks he is so big. He is 14. And he drives up and down our end of the road with the radio all thug-like turned up loud. He can hardly contain himself, he is so proud! Around here, you can't drive, legally, until 16. We live down at the end of a subdivision, so this is where the kids practice, I guess you could say!
This is some of my new STASH I bought while at the Tucson Bead show last week! I am sooooo excited to use it!Where's Walmo?!
Staci, you should be a model! so demure! So there was the girl chillin section...
And the teen hangout area....
And outside where you could find my Dad and Rita....
ANd where the boys (and Angie... she is a boy when it comes to watching sporting events!!) hang out to watch the game!
And inside where Jin and Baxter were chillin'... Newsflash... JinJin. Saints didn't make it! Just sayin'!
She is sticking with her team!!
And what football game would be complete without some indoor skating?!
My baby girl was so excited to be doing it all by herself!
And then came the final score... PACKERS WIN!!
This big game comes once a year. And a great excuse for friends to gather! We were glad this year, if it couldn't be the Saints, it was the Packers.
Until next season.


kimybeee said...

i think you did a fab job on ellie sue's shirt! looks like you guys had a great time! i figured you got some great new stuff on your trip!!!

around here my kids started driving when they were probably ten and twelve. that is what is great about farmin, you can drive the truck in the hayfield and out the country roads. even though my son did get pulled over in town for driving in the elementary school parking lot when he was eleven! lol

Amy K said...

You guys are rockin' it as Packer fans!
Our house has been overflowing with excitement...we LOVE our Packers.
Thanks for sharing your fun party pics.

Cherry said...

Your friends are Tasha and Paula....and tell Ellie Aunt Cherry said hi....

Sharidrew said...

Can I just say, that I LOVE the rug in the room where the teens are hanging out! Dude! That's a cool rug! Also, I had to explain to my 8 year old son what a Cheese Head was last night. And just for reference (because they wouldn't pan the crowd for one on tv) I showed him Todd and the girls picture from Facebook. He asked if that was real cheese! haha....We were rooting for the Packers too. Glad they won!

Hugs from Missouri,

Angie H. said...

Your friends are Paula and Tasha.... Would recognize them anywhere... :)
Angie H.

Rhonda said...

I love all the cheesehead pictures!!!! Adorable family pics!!!!

Holly said...

You really got some great family pictures! You cannot EVER give up your blog because I am so looking forward to watching those three beautiful girls grow up together!!

We were all Packers fans with three Steelers fans. There was a lot of trash talk when they started coming back, but thankfully our Pack pulled it off! I loved the cheese head hats that said NFL Owner on the side - who doesn't love a team owned by the fans???

kris said...

I noticed how Todd's smiles and looks at the camera when he has a cheesehead on his head. Great pictures. We have one Packer fan here (In Chicago with 5 others rooting for the Steelers) He is my male version of Ellie and I have sent you a picture of his getups.

Renee said...

Way to stick up for your team Jin Jin. This Saints fan was rooting for the Packs too. Great pics. Love the cheeseheads.

snekcip said...

AUUUGGGH!! Cherry beat me to the punch!! Gotta say though...The Groves covered in cheese makes for a pretty good picture! Too cute!!

Thought I was a night owl that stayed up reading blogs...guess I'm not afterall!! *now removing the tree limb from beneath my "clawed toes*

REMINDER. can you contact me concerning the camera. I believe your profile on here still has the old email address. I was trying to scroll back thru the blog and find your new one! Or you can just msg me on FB. THANKS MO!!!

tricia said...

wow, tons of pics! loved them all and the stories they tell

Becky said...

Way to go with your cooking - however, what is Tony's? All the pictures are awesome. Is Todd still grilling you healthy food inside?

Shannon said...

Too the pictures!!

Jill Gawrych said...

Way to go Pack!! We are beside ourselves with happiness up here in Cheesehead land.

The pics are adorable... but when the Pack gets there next year, you really must sport a #12 jersey instead of a #4!

Shan said...

It is my pleasure to see how GG is coming into her own!! What a little doll...

Becky said...

Ok, for the two besties... Paula is on the right (married to johnny), but I don't know the other. Sorry!
As we were scrolling through the pics, my 5 yr old asked "Why is her dad (Todd) wearing shorts?" We here in MN haven't seen shorts FOREVER!! I told her because its warmer where they live! She said "I think we should live with them!!" Got room for 3 more?

Beth E. said...

Looks like everyone had a blast! Your friends and family totally rock, Mo...I always enjoy seeing the pics of everyone together.

connie said...

i think you did great on ellie's shirt she looked great and so did gabbi i loved the chesse head wear so so cute. i love all the pictures you took and oh you just gave us a taste of what you bought at the bead show i cant wait to see everything you bought i hope you come up with some jewelry sets for us to make.. i went to a bead show here in my area sat but it isnt as big as the one you go too i got a few beads there. i love your jewelry keep up the great work !! i will be the first in line to buy a kit when u do them.. have a great week hugs

SarahBeth said...

I went with JinJin's outfit choice.. Saints attire for me last night too!!

Lori said...

GEAUX TODD for wearing the Matthews Jersey! He is my hero! And yes Melanie...we got a GREAT check up!!!! Thank Todd for sharing the news with you!!!