Saturday, February 5, 2011

Even the trams are super fun!

You KNOW I had my camera on me at all times at Disney. Oh, yeah. Except for that first day when I toted that dang thing around ALL day at Animal Kingdom only to realize I had forgotten the CARD in my COMPUTER at DeeDee and Granddad's house. SO UN-COOL!! So, although we have no pictures of Animal Kingdom, I have lots of the next few days! I had to make up for lost time!

Here's my new Miss Personality meeting the people sitting behind us on the tram!
She is cracking me up with how much she is coming out of her shell, and how SUDDEN this is to us!
But I gotta tell you. I don't know if I have ever been happier in my entire life!
A two year old and three year old who are both spunky and fun and smiley just makes my heart smile too! And you can't really go around with your heart smiling and not be HAPPY!

I kinda wish they could stay this way forever, but then I think, then we couldn't be "buddies" and go clothes shopping when they are preteens. ANd then, I couldn't watch them evolve into who they are going to become. I am just going to RELISH this phase, and hopefully every phase yet to be.
I, without a doubt, think they are keeping me and ol' Todd young! We have to be! They are so active. We will be 42 this year! Whoa!
I just LOVE having those little arms wrapped around my neck. And Gabbi doesn't just hold you. She SQUEEZES you! And usually, she SQUEEZES you and SMILES at you and KISSES you on the lips... numerous times!!
She is a pure joy!
Ellie is really maturing. I know, I know, a three year old maturing?! Well, she is! She bends her knees, puts her hands on her knees, puts her face right in front of Gabbi's and says, "Want sissy to help you? Huuuuuh? Do you need Sissy to help you put on your shoes? huhhhhh?" It is pretty funny. But also , so sweet!
Yep. I think it is gonna be pretty hard to beat this phase!
Life is GOOD!


Mbeaty19 said...

Glad to hear that life continues to be good. I'm so enjoying this phase of Johnathan's life. He's a lot like Gabbi; he grabs hold and gives you the biggest squeezes. Then he wants more hugs and lots of kisses. It's so cute but after being thoroughly squeezed and kissed I need a break. Similar to what you said though as much as I'm enjoying this time I look froward to the future and what my boys will become. Glad are children are blessed with supportive parents (and creative mothers) to guide them on the right path.

Amy K said...

Mo, you are truly blessed with amazing girls and an awesome hubby.
Thanks for sharing your journey.

tricia said...

I love hearing that you and Todd are so happy. You radiate happiness and it shines for your children to see. It becomes contagious. ENJOY!

Sharidrew said...

It seems you say that a lot! "I love this phase"....I think it's AWESOME!! I mean you are really enjoying your kids and all of their stages! I love reading about all of your happiness! It's hard to keep up as you all are really busy! haha....Glad they are keeping you young! You definitely have the energy!

Happy Sunday!
Hugs from Missouri,

Auntie Mip said...

Oh Mo...what joy :-)

I can't help but feel the joy when you speak of the love you have for your girls. I know I have shared that I am a peds oncology nurse...I have been with so many families, too many families to count who have lost their children. And many more who have not. Either way, I have often told them that I believe God chooses who will parent His children and in them He has made a perfect choice. This has never seemed more true than your girls because God's hand was so evident in bringing Gabbi and Ellie to you...and in such perfect timing too. Because had you had these little beauties when Jake was with you and in treatment it would have been harder to be as present for Don, Stacey, Jake and the big boys. Make no mistake, you would have figured out a way, but it would have been a greater challenge and juggling act. And you are such an awesome and present/involved aunt.

So once again we are reminded that God's timing and plan are perfect. His choice of you and Todd for those beautiful girls perfect. Your devotion and love for them PERFECT. It is all so sweet and yes perfect. Thanks for sharing a sliver of your joy with us. Travel safe!

snekcip said...

Well my 3yr old is evolving into a very determined and very strong-willed little 4yr old! She has figured out that putting on the charm w/ "I love you mom/dad" is a sure-fired way (esp w/dad) to get what she wants which is preferrably SNACKS, SNACKS and MORE SNACKS! I'm usually the "mean parent" and she has figured out that "it won't jive w/momma"! :) It's amazing how their personality just seems to "grow overnight", so I can truly understand the "new independence" that Gabbi has discovered! All in all this 46yr old "new mom" is questioning this "keeping me young" phenomenon, it more like.... she's givng me more GRAY HAIR!! Awww but I LOVE this kid!!

Enjoying DW w/the GROVES!!!

Beth E. said...

What a wonderful time in your lives!