Saturday, February 19, 2011

More talismans... more stories to tell!

Ok, so this is Shelbi. Shelbi, as in Shelbi been battling a brain tumor for eight years Shelbi. Shelbi as in I am so bad that ain't no brain tumor gonna stop me Shelbi! You know that Shelbi?!
Well, THAT Shelbi's mom, Emily, ordered a talisman! It took her a while to figure out her word. But finally... after much deliberation, she chose PUSH! Stay tuned for why!!
And so I obliged. She was very specific in her requests. NOthing too gaudy or busy. Something simple. Oh, and something yellow!
So, wanna know some reasonsI chose some of the pieces that I did?

Well, first, she says, "I'd like something representing light to remind me that lots of people look to me for inspiration and to always strive to be a good witness for God's love and grace throughout our journey." For that reason, we have " The light within you".

And she said, "I'd like something representing sunshine because that is what Shelbi is to me and to so many others. In fact, that's probably why my favorite color is yellow. Also, I have sung 'You are my Sunshine' to her since she was tiny."
And why did she choose PUSH?! Wellllll, I'll let her tell you!
"This year I will be "PUSHing" myself to attain two of my life's dreams all in one year... to graduate college and to begin my career as a teacher."

"I have already begun to PUSH myself to get fit, healthy, and toned, in order to run the marathon in December (St. Jude Marathon). Shelbi asked me to run!"

And finally, PUSH stands for
I included a HOPE cancer ribbon, as this is St. Jude's ribbon, and the good Lord knows that both Emily and Shelbi Mae have their share of HOPE and have been a part of the cancer world longer than anyone would ever believe they could be. But, in light of the fact that Little Miss's tumor is responding beautifully to the last round of radiation and shrinking slow and steady...
I'd say there's nothing to be but GRATEFUL!
And that's one of the things I LOVE about being around Emily AND Shelbi. They LIVE! They don't mullygrub and gripe and complain about having to make those 10 hour round trips to St. Jude, or staying inpatient for extended lengths, or the side effects of lots of radiation...
They just get out there and LIVE !! And spread JOY! What could be a better testimony?!


Renee said...

Awesome! Keep going Shelbi!

Nora said...

I love PUSH! Shelbi is such a sweet inspiration and her Mom too!

tricia said...


snekcip said...

Okay, this by far is my FAVORITE TALISMAN so far!!!! Gives me goosebumps!!

kimybeee said...

i follow shelbi's caringbridge (because of you) and i totally agree with you about how they roll! that is a beatiful talisman fitting for a beautiful lady to represent her beautiful daughter!!!!

MLP said...

I am AMAZED by Shelbi and Emily. WOW!!! I needed to read this post. I've been having a little pity party on behalf of Travis (he's heart just hurts so bad for him) but this story just got my bootie back in GEAR! I'm going to PUSH, too! (Hope it's okay if I steal PUSH for Trav's site...that's a good one!)

LOVE this story so much. Prayers for Shelbi coming from me!!!!!!!!!!