Friday, February 18, 2011

More fun at MMPT.

Welcome back to MMPT! It's been a while, hasn't it?!

Remember Becky? She's my main, head cheese, PT in the West Monroe adult clinic. She ROCKS in all matters of the spine! And this patient would be my stubborn ex-next door neighbor, Nicole, who wouldn't show her face for my camera. She's a nerd. And she has neck pain, thus the traction we are torturing her with!

And this is a little dude who came to us for knee pain. Actually, I think knee surgery. Or was it to prevent knee surgery?! I can't remember. I am not his PT, obviously!

And this is Brian. He is our PT intern presently. He's been a great help. It's always good to have an extra set of hands in the clinic... especially when the student is as conscientous as this one has been!

And this poor ol gal had a tremendously complex surgery done in Birmingham. Basketball injury!She's a college student in Alabama, but her parents live here, so she came home to recuperate. Oh yeah, and to let us help her get her rehab on!

This is Keif. Really his name is Keith, but he's a nut, and has basically decided he'd go by Keif. And so, that's it! He's our jack of all trades. He can help with patients, build things we need for our clinic, plant a garden for our patients, or just provide the comic relief we all need sometimes!

And this is my precious angel, Kelsey! I DO love me some Kels!

Remember her from a few weeks back? Well, she is doing much better! Remember I asked you to pray for her right arm?

Well, would you look at that little arm now?! She is pushing up and holding some of her body weight with it. Yay! Keep on praying. We BELIEVE!!

NOt to mention, did you notice those eyes? They are really straightening up and focusing so much more efficiently!

What you should NOT be looking at is that innertube I have around my waist. I have a ring under my shirt because I was wanting to provide Kelsey a soft place to sit should she sit back on me. We use these in therapy as an extra set of hands to allow the kids a surface and to keep our hands free.
I'm just kidding! That's really mine!

Wait! Am I licking her? Surely not!! Surely, I am just whispering to her!? And look at that OPEN right hand. Just sayin'!!
Oh, and would you look at MISS THANG?!

Her mom, Nora, reads the blog and hasn't even seen these pictures. I hope she is as excited as I am !

And look at this precious little one. I started seeing this little guy when he couldn't even sit or crawl. Now, he is Mr. GO!

His name is Turner. Isnt' that a cute name?!
You may recognize Turner from my Facebook (MMPT) page as well, as my buddy, Josh! I think you've seen Josh before. He and I go back a LOOOOOOONG way!!

Josh and I lived on the same street growing up. But then again, I am pretty sure I have told you all abou that before!
This is Renee. She has been with MMPT for many years and is loved by everyone! We especially love Renee when it is time for the whole crew to go to the beach every year. She is our "how does she still party like that at this age" girl!! Really. Amazing!
And here we have Robin.
with her totally obliterated desk drawer!

This is Todd Groves. He is our newest staff member! He came in to take over our accounts payable. This being after an employee last year decided she'd like to share in the company's profits..... without asking! Let's just say we have some interesting days before us! See.... my life's not always rosy. But you ain't gonna hear me wallering in it! Too much good going on for that!
This is my sweet Ashley. She is the speech therapist, who is married to a cowboy and is one of two of my MMPT girls who often spends a weekend at a cow roping!
Here Angela goes over a home program with a patient. It is just as important that our patients know what to do when they leave us as it is to know what to do with us in the clinic.
This is Kirk. Talk about FUNNY! He has taken our employees and Fat Boothed them on Facebook. Every day we just don't know what to expect when we go to our FB pages! He is a fun dude! A fluke accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Could be anyone. Anyday. ANytime! Just know how much we should be grateful for!
ANd this cat is a cool dude, who almost cut his fingers off with a saw. Thankfully, we have the area's (STATE's!!) best hand certified therapist to take care of him!
Tyler is a PT tech. That means he has no real therapy degree, but was trained by us and can operate "under" us to help with patients. He will be applying to PT school in the spring.
Angela and Michelle. Michelle is actually our MOST recent new employee. She is a COTA, which is Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant. I love her! She is the most flexible little thing! She moves from Ruston to Monroe to west Monroe, to pediatric, to adult.... and always with a smile on her face! I love an employee with a good attitude!!
Mrs. Beverly is the mama to us all! And she is the mama who we all adore! I mean, anyone of my employees would do just about anything for Miss Bev! She had a birthday this week. We tried to make it very special for her!
Here, Karl is trying to replicate being paralyzed to figure out how to get to the floor with arms only. He is also trying to figure out how to teach Kirk how to get over an obstacle in his wheelchair.
Throwing some foam on the floor.... just in case!
And this patient developed a disease which comes from a virus which attacks the nervous system. A "simple" little virus can actually do so much damage that it may lead to total paralysis, intubation for breathing, and may even ascend to the point of brain damage. If one does develop this (called Guillan Barre Syndrome), it may have some permanent damage, or it may have full recovery. Naturally, that is our goal! Again... how blessed are you today!?
Here Karl and Kirk are working with Summer. SUmmer is a new OT. She's had years of experience helping people learn to drive converted vans so their wheelchairs can be loaded on automatically and the driving apparatus can be modified for one arm, no legs, paralysis on one side of the body, or whatever. Do you think we have some expertise in our office or what?!
I think he just wanted to make sure he made the blog! Ok, ok, hey there, Dedrick! ANd Beck Beck!Alright, remember that broke down desk?!
Well, because we are really good at teamwork... Madison fixed it for Robin and left her this "bill".
How you like our snowflakes everywhere? For all the talk of all this crazy snowy weather... we just haven't been seeing it. So, we made it ourselves!
This is sweet Miss Betty. She has been coming to see us for over a year. She works hard! And we just love her to pieces. And lastly, we have Josh. NOt sure what he's doing here. Who really knows?! Ashley must be coming up with some crazy game to motivate our buddy, Josh.
So, that's who we are , and that's what we do at work.


Forrest Fun said...

Wow, you have some great staff there at your clinic, and all the people you help is awesome. Love reading your blogs, I never know what you will have on here. So fun to watch your girls grow up and see the changes they are going through and I go back to when my girls were that age and see the similar thing that they went through. You know how to keep your blog fun, I tried but couldn't keep up, I guess I don't have nothing going on in my life. Oh well.

Thanks again for sharing MMPT and your family.

Theresa Shirley said...

Love the insight into MMPT. I bet you're an awesome boss! The fact that someone in your office would do you wrong is just atrocious!! You so don't deserve that....I'm sure Todd the Bod will make a much better AP person :)Looks like you have a happy staff!

Nora said...

LOVE the post! We are so thankful to be a part of the MMPT family!

Mary T said...

It's so cool to learn about your amazing team at MMPT. Looks like a great place to work....and an even better place to re-hab and heal! Your patients are very blessed as you and your staff seem to go above and beyond the norm in getting to know them and how to inspire them!

Sharidrew said...


And that's all I have to say about that.

Hugs from Missouri,

Kathryn said...

Melanie, that baby has come so far! I noticed her eyes right off. There is such life in them. Thank you for all you and your staff do for so many.

Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing, brings back lots of familiar memories of taking my son to PT as a baby.
As I've said before, wish we lived closer and I could take him to MMPT!!!

Renee said...

Great job MMPT.

tricia said...

what a well trained staff. MMPT sounds like the place to go for not only their expertise but also for FUN!

Martha from NC said...

WOW! MMPT Rocks! Thanks for sharing your MMPT family. Wishing I lived closer so I could've had ya'll to help me after my shoulder surgery. Looks like a great place to be a patient AND to work. You are to be commended for running a first class organization that REALLY cares about its patients and employees. You're the best Mo!!

snekcip said...

Very familiart with the GB syndrome. My niece and her dad was temporarily affected by the paralysis of the facial muscles. Thankfully, they fully recovered by how scary was that!!

WM is lucky to have such a wonderful clinc and staff in their midst! Love the "sense of family" that it emits!

snekcip said...

PS Todd adds more warmth to the office!! LOVE IT!

Beth E. said...

Well, if someone needs therapy, looks like MMPT is the place to be! Very impressive, Mo.

My hubby had to have PT for several months, following spinal surgery. we are very grateful for our health!

Kaia said...

I've said it before but I really like the therapy posts! And yes, we are blessed!!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE when you have MMPT blog posts and I thought for sure when you were describing the symptoms of the virus that attacks the nervous system and said that it was called "Guillan Barre Syndrome" that you were going to say Transverse Myelitis (which is what I was diagnosed with 8 yrs ago). They are very similiar and they at first thought I had the Guillan Barre Syndrome - but in the end decided it was the myelitis instead. (And I really don't know what the exact differences are because like I said they sound so close - I'm sure you do, though). Anyway, thanks for the MMPT post!

Amy K said...

What a heart warming post about your awesome business, staff, and patients. MMPT has got to be such an amazing family!
Heart breaking that someone would take advantage of you that way - so sorry! I pray that you come to a positive resolution.

Robin said...

Wow!! Just seen you posted about our awesome place!! Thank you for all you do to try and keep it that way!! I am so blessed to be a part of this family!!!

MLP said...

I LOVE MMPT and hope to see you all at one of your clinic someday!!!

Wow...MO, I've always ALWAYS loved when you shared stories from your work. It's always been inspirational to me and motivated me to do better in my own profession as a teacher.

Now, your MMPT posts take on a whole new meaning to me now that my family and I have been thrust into the world of TBI. I so GET you on the being grateful for big things as well as the most simple things (like swallowing which I actually never really knew was such a HUGE thing).

While I read this post, I prayed for each person you shared about...Kels, Turner, Kirk, Josh, etc. I also gave thanks and prayed for people like you, Karl and the rest of your incredible staff even Tod the Bod!!!

May God bless all of you richly and heal those you are working with. That is my prayer. Much love, Mo.

Ginny D. said...

I've been reading your blog for years and love how much FUN you seem to make therapy sessions for kids! My 7 month old baby girl will be starting PT for torticollis in a couple of weeks. Is there anything in particular I should make sure the therapist is doing with her? Any exercises I should do with her at home before therapy begins? Thanks!