Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little tradition for Jake.

We have a thing we do around here. And it involves balloons! ANYTIME someone gets a balloon, it is automatically assumed that we will be sending it to Heaven!
Such was the case when JinJin stopped by with her humongous bags of Valentine goodies.
Good ol' Earl!!
First, as seen above, we write him a note. ANd then, out we go to send it to Heaven.
Because this has been a "regular" deal for Ellie and Maddi, they talk about Jake as if they know him!
We kiss the balloon, then send it to Heaven. Maddi said, "I'm sending this to my brother because I love him."
At this particular moment, my two were, miraculously, taking a nap! Yay for Mary Allison!!
We sent balloons to Jake ourselves the next day!
And there it goes. Alllllll the way to Heaven!
I love how when you watch it long enough, you just can't see it anymore! It really disappears, as if to Heaven!
So if you ever find a balloon around your parts with" To: Jake We LOVE You!" on it, you know from where it came!
And maybe you could send him a balloon sometime too! Mo


Theresa Shirley said...

Aww...that's so sweet to teach the girls that, and I'm sure Jake enjoys every one! Can JinJin adopt me? She is one cool gift-giver! She must get so much JOY from giving to others....did Earl get something too? Even he looks like he's smiling for the

SamC said...

Okay, so I'm crying now. So sweet. Love that the girls have Jake in their hearts.

Sharidrew said...

Snif....That is so sweet! I love that! And I too would like to be adopted by JinJin....and come live in your BAH! Thank you!

Hugs from Missouri,

Amy K said...

Such a sweet tradition.

That is awesome that the girls talk about Jake like they know him...keeping his precious memory in everyone's hearts.

Emily said...

OMG Mel......we do this too and didn't know that you guys did!

snekcip said...

Oh how this post touched my heart this morning! Especially since I saw foil-type valentine's balloons entangled in a tree on my way to work this morning! Wish I had seen this post before seeing those balloons! Love you guys traditions! JinJin is awesome!

BTW putting the girls pkg in the mail today! Since I NEVER got your email, soooo I'm sending the pkg to your clinic!!

Bad Mo...bad, bad Mo!! Or is it Busy Mo....busy, busy Mo!!

tricia said...

such a sweet expression of love for Jake. touched my heart!

SarahBeth said...

I've been weepy lately, so as I sit here at work, I'm in tears. This is the sweetest tradition.

Beth E. said...

Sweet Jake...what a blessing from God, and what a wonderful family you are!

jenny said...

Love that your girls are loving Jake. God bless.

tracy said...

My family sends balloons to heaven too for our papa! It's a very sweet tradition! We love it!!