Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Laaaaaaaaaaa.... I hear the angels singing!! We have SOOOO arrived!
Today is the day of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique post. The most fabulous experience of all for little girlies!
I will tell you, if you are planning to do this, go early. We went, due to reservations we purposefully made, at 5:00. the parade is at 8:00, so we thought that would be a good way to let her have fun, make the parade, and not have to be in this extravagant get up all day long!
We BARELY made it! It took a full three hours to get this kind of made up!
This includes the shopping for the dress of you choice, the styling, the photos and then choosing your pics! I thought it was a pretty good deal since you get some really cute, professional style photos. I MUST share Ellie's on another day! I mean, CLASSIC Ellie Sue facial expressions!
Ellie decided to go with Belle. She already had several princesses, so she may have had some assistance in her decision. (Mama knows best)
With the dress comes a crown, a sceptor, and shoes.

The Belle shoes were boring crystal flip flops that were not all that cute, so I "encouraged" her to get the pink Aurora shoes to go with her Aurora dress.
Then, a full hour after our reservation time, Ellie made it to the boutique chair! Honestly, Ellie didn't know what to expect! She was a willing participant though! Gabbi, by the way, was too young to participate.
Ellie was introduced to her "Fairy Godmother", who was in charge of her transformation!
They start by putting the nastiest goop in the world in the girls' hair to get it all prepped to stay very, very, very slicked back in a bun!
The girls are given a hair menu, and I couldn't believe that Ellie didn't choose the rock and roll spiky hair with colorful extensions! She chose a bun on TOP of her head with a little crown.
Awww, look! Even Daddy came into the boutique (probably to see what it was his money was buying!).
Ok, are you ready for this?! Fairy Godmother puts a ponytail directly on top of the girl's head.
This is the next step! SO funny! Ellie isn't facing a mirror yet, so she has no idea why Daddy and I are about to pee our pants!
And then it is all wrapped nicely into a bun and the "crowning" touch is added!
Trust me, that hairdo wasn't going ANYwhere!!
Ellie still hasn't had the big reveal.
But she was more than willing and ready to have her make up done! Light blue at that!!
And then she had to shield her face as they sprinkled "pixie dust", aka GLITTER, all over her head!
Can you believe my three year old is doing this? I am 41 and have never had to shield my face during a beauty treatment!!
Ahhh, the life!
After her sash was added, she was spun around to see her beautiful self!

Only three hours, and too much money, to have this! But what a great memory! And I am not gonna postpone Joy! Mine... or theirs!!



crystal said...

That would be called, Priceless! Well worth the money. Can you imagine how she must have felt? I can. I remember just having "spa" treatment and dressing up my girls. They loved it. Jin Jin would also help me with the spa treatments and sleep overs. We had so fun too. These are the days to make those memories!

Kim "Shug" Floyd said...

Enjoy every second!! Believe me it will go much too fast! I often joke that I would be a rich lady if I had all the money spent on dance lessons, pageant dresses, prom attire and limos, college apartments, etc. But there is no amount of money that I would take in exchange for the memories made. The only thing I would like to do over... is to be able to do it all it all over again!

Mbeaty19 said...

So awesome - Again so happy i have boys because otherwise I would have to spend the money to do this. Ellie looked beautiful as Belle. So un-Ellie like. Loved that you shared this and again can't wait for the next post and what it might include. Think my favorite picture has the be the hair standing straight up.

Sarah said...

Ha ha ha... the stand up pony tail is hilarious! I love how she is just eating the experience up! You are so right... never postpone joy!!

I love how you and Todd made this vacation so much fun for your girls! They are so lucky to have such a fun mommy and daddy! Will you let me come live with you too?

Kathryn said...


I wish this had been there when we took the children. Our DD2 was six and would have loved every minute. Heck, she is 26 now and would still love it!

Amy K said...

Wow, now that's every little girl's dream! The possibilities truly are endless at Disney. Your girls will cherish these memories forever.

lauren said...

What a beutiful picture. A memory that Ellie will remember forever.

Beverly said...

I agree with Crystal - Priceless! What a wonderful experience for Princess Ellie! I am so loving these pictures. Keep them coming!

Theresa Shirley said...

So so sweet! I love the look on her face--you can tell she is soooo into it, and serious about it!! I think it's great that your girls aren't scared of things--I can imagine that this could be a little intimidating for a 3 yr old. Of course, we all know Ellie is grown beyond her years! :) Glad you're making such precious memories--those girls are so blessed to have you & Todd for parents!!

Lisa O. said...

Oh wow, she looks beautiful!! What an awesome experience for little girls! My daughter would soo love to do that- hopefully someday! The very last picture is a wonderful keepsake!!

Rhonda said...

BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!!!! I love it and well worth every penny spent!! A lifetime memory for Princess Ellie!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Where do you find these great places to take the girls???
I have never heard of this, but it looks like a ton of fun!
I just know the excitement Ellie must have experienced having three girls!!!!
What a wonderful idea. Ellie must have been charged up beyond belief!!!
Fabulous post and as always, thanks for sharing.
Have a great day,
Diana from Colorado

tricia said...

What a spectacular experience for Ellie! I can't even imagine what that bill cost though

Cindy said...

Love your pictures..your girls are gorgeous! I wanted to ask you and all your blogger friends to pray for a little girl who has brain cancer, her website is if you click on blog, her caringbridge site comes up- its heartbreaking and heartwrenching this family is going to lose their baby girl. I don't know them personally-I've been asked to pray-so please pray!

Momma and Her Doodle said...

The picture of the pony tail standing staight up on the top of her head is hilarious! Glad Ellie had fun...Glad you all had fun on your trip!

kimybeee said...

she is so bootiful! looks like a lot of fun! admit it, you would have done it too!

Jen said...

OMG! I bet she was just thrilled. I always loved seeing all the little girls dressed up from that place. I mean the whole place is just MAGICAL to begin with, but that's the icing on the top that makes it all the better.

Casey said...

One of my very favorite parts about Disney (and I have MANY!). We had such a great time when Maddie did this two visits ago. It took a week to get all the glitter out of her hair! I'm ready to go back!

MLP said...

I'm speechless! I LOVE IT!!! You have a BEAUTIFUL princess!!!!!!! love love this!

Renee said...

Precious I tell ya!

Beth E. said...

AMEN! EnJOY every moment!

Cute pics of Ellie getting her hair done...that one pic cracked me up! Love the dress and the "final reveal".

Unknown said...

Its a wonderful magical experience for little girls. My grandaughter Chloe, 3 yrs old had her BB experience last november and it was truly one of the highlites of our trip.After her make over we headed to the royal table to dine and meet the princesses! I must say the magic of the experience was as much fun for grammy as chloe!