Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The LSU tree

First, I should acknowledge my two trusty sidekicks and fellow tree designers, Robin and Breanna. And have I mentioned my friend, Bre, is now pregnant with her FOURTH baby! All two years apart. Lord, give me strength!
Ok, so just like last year, we used LSU as the theme for our tree.
I had so much stuff I'd collected until I also volunteered to do two extra wreaths, and STILL had stuff left over!
A really cute way to use that netting stuff is to cut them in thin strips. Full width of the netting, but only about 8-10" widths rolled out and cut.
Take about four of those, and wire them together in the middle. Take that wired part and tuck it into your tree or wreath. They make little cannoli-looking rolls coming out of your design. I thought it was so cute!

And you KNOW I had to make canvases for my tree. I also did custom clay ornaments.
So, the person who bought it has the option of leaving them on the tree or taking them off and giving them as presents.
Perhaps my favorite!

I don't know if you can see it, but I also had Staci cut me some vinyl "Geaux Tigers" for the bells all over the tree.
And the topper.... welll, that's from Build a Bear!!
So glad my girls haven't really discovered that place yet! It's coming!
For the record, my tree DID sell, and for FULL PRICE I might add.... $1500!! yay TEAM MO. Thanks girls for helping me do such a great tree and for helping raise money for the ballet company! See ya next year, Twin City Ballet!


tricia said...

that tree is STUNNING!

simplykristi said...

That tree is awesome! :) I am doing gold and purple on my tree as I love the colors for Christmas!


Lori said...

I didn't get to go to the Festival of trees, but, Mallori, Joe and Seph did. Seph said the LSU tree was BY FAR his favorite!!! It is beautiful!

Rhonda said...

Oh my ~ that tree is GORGEOUS!!! I just love all the netting!!! So pretty! I wish I would have planned ahead and had you make my LSU attending niece a canvas for Christmas....darn it. She is a sophmore so I will have to remember that next year!

Just wait til the girls discover Build a Bear! Oh my word ~ it's crazy! I bet we have 30 of those dumb bears!!! And clothes and accessories like crazy! :)

Beverly said...

Unbelievable if I hadn't see it! What an awesome job! Geaux Meaux!

snekcip said...

Beautiful Mo!!! That tree is gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on the using the mesh netting!! I had to laugh because I think you worked up a thirst! I see your little water botle on the podium back there!! :)

snekcip said...


Emily said...

Your tree is awesome!! Where do you get your netting, the stuff I got is not what I wanted!