Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Christmas ornaments for the grands.

I LOVE to have new ornaments to add to our tree every year!
I especially like to add pictures to my tree so I can see how everyone changes through the years. Then, when I am putting up the tree each year, it is like a big ol' reflection of years past!
The ones I made for our tree this year look like these...It's like a throwback to the scrapbookin'. And I so love it! I just need to carve out a little time in my days, that's all. Yeaaaahhhh, right!!
Remember when I made a whole bunch of these with jake on them? I also have a Hunter and Hayden big wooden star on my family tree!
These stars come from Michael's. And I see them there every year! I simply trace it on scrapbook paper, cut it out, and use Mod Podge as a glue to adhere it. Add the pictures, stickers and anything else you may want to add, then Mod POdge the top of all of it. I usually like to ink the edges of my scrapbook paper and then sand the edges a little too before the top coat of ModPodge. That's it!
The girls have been helping me with this year's ornaments!We made a few for our DeeDee and Granddaddy in Orlando!
I have mailed a few of them out, but there are more to come. I hate that we don't get to be with all of our grands at Christmas!
So we work diligently to make them know we are thinking of them and mail them goodies regularly.
Like these beauties with our Halloween costumes!
Or these beauts where Ellie learned that she could "mix" colors!!
I drew the shapes and she used the REAL water color paint. She thought that just totally rocked!!
Hope you like our goodies down there in Orlando!!


Sandy said...

don't know about them in Orlando but I sure love them!! precious memories for years to come!!

snekcip said...

love the star ornaments! May have to try that!!!

Nana said...

I have my star with Jake's picture on our tree (front and center)..think of that precious little boy often...I also have a cute M&M ornament for him.
The girls are absolutely precious...Hoping to get up that way for a few days in January...surely want to see them.

Renee said...

I make an ornament with my boys picture every year too. I have a small tree in my kitchen that holds these. Love the wooden star. May have to try that this year.

Granddad said...

Yep - we love them very much. Thanks Ellie and Gabbi. We love you! Granddad and Dee Dee

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

Love those ornaments! And love, love, love your girls names - how sweet!