Monday, December 13, 2010

Festival of the Trees

We are on our way. Going to the Monroe Civic Center to decorate our tree for auction.
Since Miss Linda and Linda Lou are some of our bestest friends, we willingly donate all the decorations to a tree to be auctioned off every year at this event to benefit the ballet company.
It's a fun event, and happens the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. Because so many of my friends partake in this event, it becomes a big social hour anyway and it gets us into the holiday spirit!
What about netting, lights, ornaments, and glitter doesnt' get you in the holiday spirit?!
There are Leslie, Angie, Paula and Tashia, doing their West Monroe Rebel colored tree with snowman theme.
ANd Pam chose to do a smaller one with a girlie feel to it.
Kori over there is working on a gold tree with fleur de lis all over it.
Not sure who did this one, but I came really, really close to buying it and having it shipped to Colorado to my bro in law. He and his wife love their four legged children, and I just thought they needed to own this one!
It was really only the logistics of the shipping that kept me from it!

This is the tree I acutally ended up buying. I had NO intention of buying a tree! I have SEVEN up in my house now! However, I know a deal when I see one! That tree alone, without decorations, cost $200. The frames are on the tree and meant to have actual photos put in them all over the tree, which I think is an awesome idea! So, the frames had a value of ohhh, I don't know, maybe $150. But, that 20x24 portrait and the HUGE gilded gold frame that was also part of the package.... $900 value! I got the whole kit, kat and kaboodle for $375. I had every intention of being outbid. But, my bid held for about 4 days, and now I have myself ANOTHER tree!
But even better.... I have an appointment to have a big fat family portrait made! Oh yeah!!
This is the tree Staci decorated. I gave her a canvas, and her theme was "BELIEVE". I am pretty positive her tree went in the auction.
Some were very ornate.
And some were just whimsical.
This is a close up of a second tree I ended up inheriting and decorating!
I thought it turned out pretty cute. It was heavily populated with candy canes.
It sold too. YEAH!
Patti, my friend, decorated this little beauty, which would be really cute in a little girl's room.
Uh oh. Look who just entered teh building. Gabbi is about to pee down both legs!
Paula has no choice in the matter. Miss LInda is her mother-on-law, Linda Lou is her sister in-law, and Emma dances in the ballet company. Yep. She HAS to be there... with bells on!
This one was decorated by a local dentist.
Who ended up coming back and buying it herself!
And can you tell the one above has a toy train going around it?! That one is Cindy's.
LInda Lou did a sock monkey tree and requested a canvas to go in it. It sold within minutes, I was told.
There were also wreaths!
I'll show you my tree and tell you all about it tomorrow!


kimybeee said...

they were all absolutely beautiful!!! you southern gals must have some kind of decorating knack that has to do with those big bows you wear in your hair! lol i am sure that you would have all of those trees in your house if you had room (and finances) to take them all home with you!!

Amy K said...

How cool! Such creative, beautiful trees.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ What beautiful trees!
I wanted to post yesterday, but the day escaped me....
I had to mention that precious angel Gabbi with the mini Santa - what a sweet loving little doll she is - and taught by you & Todd. Those little girls were adopted by THE BEST FAMILY!!! How lucky all of you are.
Also, that grin on Ellie's face in her carseat on the way to decorate the trees - how did you contain her?
You have a wonderful family & I can't wait to see the family photo.
Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

Renee said...

What an awesome idea! Beautiful trees too!

snekcip said...

My EYEBALLS said "THANK YOU for the EYECANDY this morning"!!! All the tree's were gorgeous! My favorites were the The REBEL tree *because I love the colors* , the sock monkey because *it reminds me of my childhood* and the peppermint tree *because I love "JUNKY STYLE" trees!! The fuller the better!!!

tricia said...

such creativity....such beauty. i bet everyone had a great time!

Rhonda said...

I love all the net on the trees! I am SO doing that next year!! I have seen the netting at Canton (every month, ya know!!), but never thought of doing a tree with it. My mom copied a wreath we saw in Canton with the net and it was gorgeous.

I apologize for NEVER commenting but I read EVERY.SINGLE.UPDATE and smile and love all the pictures of your precious little angels!!! I also look at every Facebook picture with a smile!!!

Rhonda said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Mo! I finally figured out how to create an account. The Christmas trees you all decorated are so beautiful. I would love to know what kind of ribbon is used? Is is tulle, or wired ribbon. Another silly question, how is the ribbon stored for the following year. I am from MN and I don't think that trend has hit here yet, or if it has, not to the grand style as yours. I LOVE them :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Beverly said...

they are all so gorgeous! I want a tree now. I have not put up a tree in so long. It's just me and it seems like too much trouble but OH how beautiful those threes are. Can't wait to see more Christmas posts. I've enjoy Gabbi and Ellie so much. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy P said...

Love the trees, but my real comment is a question. Have you heard the One last Christmas song by Matthew West? It reminded me of your family and about broke my heard.