Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can you feel the love?!

Just another night handing out on the kitchen counter! Doesn't everyone sit on the countertops with their family!? Here's Ellie... fake smiling, runny nose, stuffing her face with pizza.
And then comes the spontaneous sister hug! Followed by a "Mom, call Santa and tell him I am being so sweet."
See those two Santas to the right of the girls? They have been the main ones keeping an eye on the girls (ahem... "Girl"!!).
Gabbi Girl really doesn't require any "watching". She is usually pretty well behaved. Just a little bit of a titty. But she won't be a titty for long, so I try to remember that and revel in her total obsessoin with her mama!
ANd anyway... how CUTE is this kid?!
I mean, seriously!
I could eat that baby up!
Loving this phase of my family's life! The girls are funny and precious. My husband is helpful and we nest up often as a family of four in one big king-sized bed. I know this will pass, so I really want to emblaze it in my memory!
Oh, and I've been thinking about my word for 2011. Have you!?


Michelle said...

I've been thinking of my word! Not sure what it will be yet!

Michelle said...

Oh... and cute cute girls! Can't forget that part of the comment! :)

Amy K said...

I can't even believe how grown up Gabbi looks in that adorable photo.
Still contemplating my word.


Renee said...

Yes, your baby girl is precious! Love the hat. You should look into the book and elf --Elf on a shelf. I hear it's wonderful for families with young ones.

Kristin said...

Can I just thank you -- so many times I come to your blog not feeling so great.....rarely do I leave it without having cracked a smile.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
How funny is that Ellie???? "Call Santa & tell him I'm so sweet" OMG, she is hysterical!
And those pictures of Gabbi -just precious, she is a little doll!!
I have to tell you this story from when I was little - My Mother & I were at my Aunt's house because she had just come home with a new baby. Everyone was all around the new little one and my Mother says: "She is just so beautiful, I could eat her right up" well, I took my Mother literally and took a big bite out of my new little cousin.
Have a great night,
Diana from Colorado