Sunday, November 21, 2010

Princess paper dolls

Our Pammie bought the three girls each their own pack of princess paper dolls. Ellie, for one, could not have been more thrilled!
Of course, I had to strongly persuade her to put matching shoes on them, crowns on their heads vs. creating a new neck adornment, and at least KIND OF putting the appropriate dresses on the appropriate princess.
I am careful to not make her stick to the rules, entirely, where creativity may be developing, but hey... Snow White really doesn't need a mermaid tail. Or does she? Who am I to say!?
SO, as I am on the floor taking pics of Ellie, THIS is occurring on my back. ANd it occurs on my back quite often!! I decide to put my camera out in front of me and aim it over my shoulder.
This little monkey is what I am capturing.
I am not even exaggerating... she would stay on my back, on my hip, or in my lap 24/7 if she thought she could.
She LOVES her mama! And her mama loves her!!
Good job, Ellie Sue. I really like what you've done with all the stickers.
Nevermind that we will likely never get to play with this again, because their dresses will now be STUCK to them!
Oh well, these days, if we have a toy/ project that preoccupies an entire afternoon, that is a GOOD toy!
SO, thanks, Pam. Thanks for this...
No really. Thanks! I LOVE picking up glitter, sequins, and stickers. Really! How bout a nice ball next time?!
Ha. J/k. We appreciate your remembering our little girls!!


Amy K said...

Too fun - I haven't seen paper dolls in ages! Such innocent entertainment, even though you had glitter everywhere.
Congrats on the LSU win yesterday!

tricia said...

I used to LOVE paper dolls. I'm glad Ellie enjoyed them.