Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello. I am Ellie. Let me take you on a tour of my mom's operation! This is one of the patients in the adult practice. By the way, they all said I could take and use their pictures! She's doing much better! Yay!
And these little cuties are the same difference in age as my two. Therefore, I watch them all the time trying to see how their dynamics are, i.e. how they get along, play together, etc. Their mom says it is perfect to have them close in age when they get a little older.
THis is their little sister. And did I mention their mom is also pregnant?! Just hit me over the head with a boat paddle! I think I would run away! God bless her. And all you out there with mucho kids. I always thought I wanted four. I mean, like always, when I was growing up! But, now that I have my two... I think I am good to go. But, I guess you never know!
Far right, a student getting her observation hours in for application to professional school. DOn't you even think that we don't put our students and volunteers to work. ANd by "work", I mean, playing "Guess Who" with the kids in therapy!
THis is precious Miss LInda. She is always just a ray of sunshine! Look at the love in her eyes as she looks at Karl. Karl is so good and gentle with our patients. Most of who he sees are those who have significant neurological disorders (stroke, head injuries, brain damage, cerebral palsy, etc.) and who need a whole lot of patience and consistency. Karl is the man with the plan! I am so blessed to have him on my staff!
ANd do you recognize that chickipoo on the stairs? Well, that is KK! Yep. KK, the babysitter, turned all serious-like engineering student who can no longer keep my girls! WHAT?! And this is KK doing exercises for her knee which she hurt when she was dipped at a sorority/ fraternity party first week or so of school. Serves her right! She needs to drop out of college, forget her education and keep my kids! Then, she won't be hurting herself!
Awwwweeeee. Have you seen a cuter baby? Oh yeah! You have! Two of them. But this is like, the THIRD cutest baby I have ever seen! Sometimes when baby is delivered, nerves in their neck are overstretched which results in the baby's arm/ hands not working well because the nerve damage is like a messed up cord from the phone company (brain) to the home (fingers/ wrist). That is how I explain it to my parents. We, then, have to fix that connection! It is called brachial plexus injury.
I assigned Jessi a new assistant. She was just handling way too much on her own. So, now she should get much more accomplished!
This is Ty-Dawg and Miss May. Tyler is applying to PT school this fall, and we will sho nuff be sad if he gets in. Not really. We want him to get in, but he has been a fine asset to our MMPT team! He functions as a PT tech. After someone is discharged from PT, but we feel they could still benefit from an ongoing exercise program, Tyler steps in. He runs what is

Have I ever shown you my office? Well... here it is. I just hardly ever get to sit in it! And would you look at my newest employee? He's hot! Shawn occupies my desk every Thursday, and quite honestly, I don't sit in that seat more than 15 minutes in an entire week! We have students in and out ALLLLL the time from around the country. April, is actually from a town not far from West Monroe, but goes to a PT School in Florida. (St. Augustine to be exact!) She is doing a 6 week (I think) rotation with us. She is working with Blake, who graduates from an intense program with us next week and who we are giving a big fat concert for! One of our employees, Keith, has four sons. They have a rock band who Blake loves. Soooo, we are throwing a concert for his final day. Even made him 20 invitations to give out to his favorite peeps to come enjoy the show with him. (Mindy, you reading? Similar to Travis early on!)
April, you can run, but you can't hide! Say Cheeeeeese!!
This is Becky. Becky is my main PT chick in the adult practice in West Monroe. The girl ROCKS with matters of the spine! Actually, anything orthopedic, but she knows her crapola when it comes to the neck, especially!
And Amy is a Certified Hand Therapist. There aren't many of those around here! I think it is really hard to get that certification! She has patients come from far and wide just to see her!
I'm telling ya. When it comes to staff, there's not many who can compete with the caliber of my group. Smart. Well-trained. Helpful. Compassionate. I am thankful for my crew!



Kathryn said...

Hooray for the wonders all of you achieve on a daily basis. I love reading the praises you have for your staff. Thank you!

tricia said...

love reading about your 'rockin' staff. sounds like such a great place to work.

Unknown said...

I can imagine that you have a waiting list for people to want to come work for you! You are awesome! Do you have a lot of physical therapy offices in your area?

Nora said...

Thanks for the tour! We love Karl (and the rest of the MMPT staff). Kelsey has the pleasure of sharing her therapy time with Blake on Monday mornings, I have been reading Mindy's updates on Travis, thanks for linking the two. Blake is a great kid and very inspirational!

MomTo2GreytGals said...

WOW, That HOT new employee Shawn looks alot like Todd. Is he incognito @ work? And GREAT Work You all do. I wished I lived Closer as I need a Hand Specialist for my Dequervains tenosynovitis. I've had it for 2 years & Had Surgery last Nov. And It still bothers me. Oh Well. I read your blog all the time. My name was Mom2AnAngel. (no Blog) But changed names and Have a Blog MomTo2GreytGals. Nothing on it as Im still learning how to blog.

SarahBeth said...

i'm thankful for you all as well!

Amy K said...

I don't think you have shown us your office before...nice!
I'm thinking that not only does the MMPT staff rock, but so does the Boss Lady!!!

snekcip said...

I wonder where I have seen that LIME GREEN and CHECKERBOARD decor before...hmmmm just can't recall that for anything!! HA!! ;)

BTW That baby is just scrump-deli-umptious!!!

Susan B said...

I so wish a PT program like yours would have been near us after my father's stroke a few years ago. He worked so hard and progressed a great deal, but I think he would have been able to do even more with a group like yours. Plus he loved to laugh!!

a_manda said...

Which one is LD's awesome OT? I've heard nothing but wonderful things about this person...thanks to her for helping out my dear "aunt"!

MLP said...

Finally caught up on your blog and made it to this one! Can't wait to hear more about Blake...hope you'll do a post about the concert.

Love ya dearly, Mo. Thanks for all your support.