Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Arresting day at MMPT.

And to continue on yesterday's theme...
We have patients of all kinds! Even those who carry handcuffs.
Jenn, our PT from Shreveport, willingly allowed him to practice his "cuffing" which he has to have down pat within 4 seconds.
Hey, what were we going to say? I mean, it is "functional". It is "relative". It was a "must have" skill that we, as his therapists, were obligated to help out with! (I know, mom, don't end a sentence with a preposition. WHY do I still hear that in my head? I am 42!)
I wish I had had him a few months back when I could've really used him. Not going to elaborate on that now. I'll just make ya wonder!
Yep. He is pretty good at cuffing, and even at getting it done in 4 seconds.
Jenn is our PT from the Shreveport clinic. She is also the head therapist there. She has done a great job with that little fledgling clinic! I appreciate you, Jenn!
On this particular day, she was over in West Monroe to work with me on pelvic floor patients. Have I mentioned I do this? In particular, women's health of all sorts. Incontinence with sneezing, laughing, unable to hold it when the urge hits, and even pain with intimacy.
Betcha didn't know I did that! Well, I do. ANd it is very rewarding work too! I mean, that is a pretty critical thing to control. I like to think also, that I have enriched many marriages, if ya know what I mean!

There's a bird. A big, beautiful, colorful bird! Mo


Sha Sha said...

Mel, your 41! Don't scare me like that...LOL! I had to do the math to make sure I was about to be 41 and not 42.

tricia said...

You can add sex therapist to your list of jobs.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Oh yeah. Thanks, Sharon! I thought I even asked Todd how old I was. That's pitiful!

MaryH said...

Love seeing the pics of MMPT. You do so much to help people is many ways! My daughter is always reminding me about those ending prepositions. We have a standing joke (or line) when one of us does that. Ooops, just did it! Can't say the line here, though. Family place, you know.

Kathryn said...

I am getting better thanks to you telling me what I needed to do when you were here.

People, Melanie is amazing. Really. As a professional, she has no peer in my opinion. She gives of her knowledge to her staff, and they reciprocate in kind. Wish I was closer!

Beth E. said...

I must say that I'm pretty impressed with Jenn's flexibility, 'cause there's NO WAY I could ever raise my arms that high BEHIND my back! Oh, and regarding the pelvic floor therapy?? Never heard of such a thing...the older I get, though, the more I identify with certain issues! *sigh*

MLP said...

You are amazing.

I love your new house, too!!!!!!!!