Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween night 2010

We have a new store here. It's called iDoctors... they work on Macs and iPhones and things of the such. I have an appointment this week with one of the "docs" because my problem with picture storage has become GREAT! So, as I am mentioning this, I am doing so because in the middle of uploading my Halloween pics, I seem to have lost them. NOT COOL! My fave ones are not being posted tonight thanks to my error in uploading them and blah, blah, blah... Luckily, before this crisis, and before Sunday School this morning, I did upload the following....As you know I like to dress like my girls. ANd when Ellie is 16 and hiding her coscume from me until she HAS to walk out and head to the party, I will STILL try to coordinate with she and Gabbi Girl, who will be ASKING me to go with HER to the party!
So, year one.. we were cowboys and Indians. Last year, we were pirates. ANd this year... super heroes!
My fave pics are of Ellie when she pranced out in her coscume, fully dressed, without the least bit of help getting the dress and all the accessories on in the appropriate places! She was SO proud, and we had a fab-u-lous photo session!
If I lost those pics, I am going to be devastated!
My friend, Tashia, told me that her 16 year old daughter, Taylor, was also going as Wonder Woman. So, as I said earlier, never want to miss an opportunity to mortify your teenager... and I bought her one too!

Those "cartoon boobs" really do something for my bustline!
ANd how dang cute is this? I got all the material and cut it all out and pinned it. Then, Becky from my office took it home for me and stitched it all up! I was very happy with how it turned out!
We took Paula and Johnnye's golf cart over to Staci's to pick up she and Maddi.
I think Maddi was supposed to be a witch, but at last minute, she refused to wear her hat.

Still a very cute Halloween-fairy-witch...
The big girls were like, "LEt's do this!".
Gabbi. Ummm... not so much!

There's this one street near our house where the houses are close enough to walk between and the street is quiet enough to be safe. That is the area we hang out in! And so do our friends, as it turns out! We ran into Jansen, aka Belle, one of Ellie and Maddi's friends from dancing class!
These girls were pretty stoked about seeing each other... in all their coscume glory!
And so it went... the big girls ran door to door, I hauled Gabbi Girl every step of the way. But, when I think back to last year, and the baby was just happy to stand in the trailer and lean against the haybales, because she wasn't even a good walker yet!
So, if I have to tote her house to house, we were going to have the trick or treating experience!
But as you can see, as the night wore on, my Super Girl got the hang of it, and went door to door with the "big girls".... mom never far behind! Every once in a while, a neighbor would just leave a basket by the door... free for the taking!
And we found Lauren, a neighborhood kid who was on her way to the high school party...
Can you tell I am sucking in to try and make my posing next to her a little less painful!
Staci ran ahead and got inside at Linda Lou's house to catch the experience from the inside out!
The girls were thrilled to see Miss Linda Lou all dressed up in her witch coscume. LInda Lou is their dance teacher, so they think she hung the moon anyway!
Midway through our trick or treating, Linda Lou needed to come and stir her soup.
I kinda thought it was hysterical to see her do so in her gloves with the big fake ring!
Staci said this is her kind of trick or treating... trick or treat for crab dip!
The girls didn't care at all that we weren't gone all that long. We had friends at our house when we got back... lots of them!
ANd Ellie is always ready to show off her skillz!
See what I mean? ANd the crowd kept growing!
Emma Lou was a pirate. (A year late! Ellie would've DIED to have been in the same coscume as Emma. She thinks she is the cat's meow.)
Todd did what Todd does best... manned the grill! This is Bart, his roommate from way back in college days when Todd and I were just dating!
ANd I don't think I have shown this cool little feature... note the slide away window.
It is actually a pocket window... you know, like a pocket door. Can you tell where the BOYS like to hang?
It's a man's club! For sho!
And naturally, Ellie Sue had to change outfits, ohhhhh, I don't know.... 5 times?!
Pretty much always involving a tutu, muscle shirt and leggings. Lord, give me strength!

Heard of the Duck Commander? He is a local legend. His name is Phil Roberson and he looks like a wooley booger. He has a nasty long beard, and is a "famous" duck hunter. That is who Ty is.
And his cousin there is a gypsy!

There was a MEAN game of hide and seek going on in our house last night!!
ANd until I learn how to access my pics, that is all for Halloween! We had a fun time! I love traditions. I love family. I love that our friends just show up. So, Halloween 2010 was all around GREAT! Hope yours was too!



kimybeee said...

don't forget that you posted an ellie pic on fb!!!

looks like tons of fun!

Amy K said...

Great post. All of you look terrific. The pic of Gabbi coming back crying is priceless.
Too fun - thanks for sharing.
I hope that your iDoctor can help you get your photos back.

tricia said...

Loving the pictorial of your Halloween!

Lokks like the girls had a blasts as well as all the company.

connie said...

looks like yall had a great halloween time last night i love all the costumes so cute the girls where cute as all get out.i love the pics and i hope you can find the ones you lost and post them. have a great week and enjoy the week hugs and love ya

Zhohn said...

cute cute, as always!

MLP said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You are ALL super girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely fabulous!!!