Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

So, I have seroiusly dreamed of having a fun little spot to put seasonal scrapbooks so that I can reflect on how things have changed year to year. This is such little spot.
I have my mini scrapbooks from 2007, the year Ellie was born and her trip to the pumpkin patch, 2008, when Gabbi Girl was a teeny tiny, two month old indian, and last year when the three of us went as pirates!
Rather than take you through a play by play, I think I will just let the books speak for themselves. Enjoy!

So, a few letters have fallen off, as well as a few eyes here and there, but they still bring me great joy!

Body cast days!

Am I a lucky mama or what?! BLESSED!


snekcip said...

I've always LOVED your scrapbooks!!! I so remember each and everyone of these pictures!!

tricia said...

Ellie was such a perfect baby doll!!

I love all the

Renee said...

Your scrpabooks are too cool! I completely forgot Ellie was in a body cast.

kimybeee said...

how wonderful to have those sweet memories at your fingertips!

Beth E. said...

What great've captured them all! I'm with snekcip. I have always loved (and possibly envied)your scrapbook talents, too! ;-)