Monday, October 18, 2010

Gabbi & Earl Eat Breakfast

Ya know what one of my favorite times of the day is? Early in the morning before you know who gets up and the world goes crazy!
When it's just me and Gabbi Girl, and she lets me set her up on the bench at the kitchen table and provide her some great nutrition!
You know, like powdered "no-nuts". Yes, she really calls them that, and I think it is hysterical.
And Gabbi Girl absolutely LOVES her dog, Earl.
And I must say, Earl absolutely loves his Gabbi!
Gabbi, you are one sweet baby!
I love spending my mornings with you and Earl!


melanie said...

no-nuts! I LOVE IT!

Kristina said...

Love that kitchen table. It is beautiful!

tricia said...

thanks for capturing those precious moments and sharing them with us

snekcip said...

LOL!! No nuts!! Love it! My Bree will NOT eat the middle of the doughnut *where the hole is* she said "it's the bone"!! LOL!! OMG I crack up everytime she eats one! She gets up and head straight for the trashcan and throw "the hole" in the garbage!

Tracey said...

It is absolutely precious how loving Gabbi is to Earl! She is one sweet baby girl.

MaryH said...

You are having fun, that's for sure - I just had to catch up on the last few days of entries - Canton trip looks like a hoot - Gabbi's bed is wonderful and I love the linens that are there now but more color would be good but it is nice to have a gentler choice also. Glad you have gotten most of your generous offers behind you - now, curb yourself, restrain yourself and concentrate on the nest! Thanks for sharing all with us.

Dawn said...

Mason loves no-nuts for breakfast too! Don't you just love how children say things wrong, but yet it's so cute? Squeeze your girls for me.

Amy K said...

Cracking up...that Gabbi is able to just steal hearts isn't she?
Thanks for sharing you precious, memorable times.