Sunday, October 17, 2010

Canton, TX... 2010

Well, I suppose by now you can call it a tradition! Every October, me, mom, Staci, and a host of cousins all head west to Canton, Texas!
We usually stay in some nasty roach motel....
where JinJin scares me and Staci (the hot one in the back in the tank top) to death about the national bedbug epidemic!
Oh, but don't you waste one little minute thinking she didn't make us stop and get some Lysol.
We were like, "Mom, Lysol kills viruses.... NOT bugs!" But, hey, whatever makes her feel better!
NOw the deal at Canton is that you have to get up EARLY and get the best parking places!!
And by this exhubilation, you should know that we were front row Joes!!
By about 9 am, we had already gone back to the car to unload round one!
(Dang, Miss Boobies!)
I found this turquoise head wrap and HAD to have it. And HAD to wear it. And HAD to take a picture in it. (And then HAD to buy another 10 or so in every other color for people's Christmas presents!!)
End of Day ONE!
Another tradition... meeting the cousins at a restaurant, preferably one with margaritas, and chowing down.
This year, we had a newbie on board... Jenn made the trip as a new cousin-in-law.
This is our crew invading the restaurant. Table for 10, please!
Posado's. Dude! I'm just sayin'!
Jenn may have been a newbie but it didn't take her but one day to get her sea legs! I think their car was pretty well packed too!

And here we are again, posing for two different cameras apparently!
Don't you like this little headband? I swear, I am diggin' them. Keeps my hair out of my face even better than a baseball cap!
So, this is my mom's two nieces, Sissy and Cherry. Their moms are my mom's sisters. They have always been some of my closest cousins. Cherry organizes the whole trip. Who knew she was such an organizer? I learned a lot about her on this trip. Sissy is the banged up one who had to rent a scooter to get around every day. Bum knees!
Staci and I would get back to our bug infested beds every night and pull out the stuff we bought to compare deals!
We'd sleep a few hours, then head out to do it all again!
Day TWO! This is how we rode home.... Jin's new zebra rug shoved up between us in the front seat. Have I ever mentioned I always have to ride in the front seat because I get so carsick? Just mentioning it! ANd then, Staci's massive Halloween garland occupied the whole backseat. There she is in that hot tank top again. Hey, Staci... get dressed!
I already can't wait til next year!



Can yall adopt me and let me go shopping with yall in canton next time lol. Sounds like fun:) I so enjoy reading your blog.. It motivates me to do things Ive never done before... Like let my kids have suckers for breakfast lol ;)

Rhonda said...

I always love your annual Canton post!! Because, you know, I go to Canton EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH!!!! I was hoping I might run into you in October because I wore my crazy pants!! We didn't go until Sunday though and I think ya'll were already headed home. I LOVE CANTON!

tricia said...

Sounds like fun times! Where is Jin hiding in the car?

Denise said...

I am soooooo jealous!! Have lots of fun. And PLEASE.... tell me how JinJin lost so much weight so fast!! I started the New Year out with the aim of losing 50 pounds in 50 weeks, but I've fallen behind a bit. I have only lost 31. What's JinJin's secret? She looks FABULOUS!!!
Big hugs,
Denise, xoxo

Brooklyn said...

That looks like so much fun! Is Canton this good every month?

Amy K said...

This looks like an absolute blast! Jin Jin is a riot with her Lysol.
Oh, and by the way....if you've got 'em flaunt 'em....unfortunately I can't relate! ;)
Cute pumpkin patch pics on FB!