Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drew Elementary Carnival

We went to the Drew School Carnival last weekend. I don't know what possessed me to do this! Alone. Without a stroller!
NO hatemail please. We were at the school and getting out of the car, thus the unhooked bottom latch.
I continue to be happy that gabbi still lets me pick out her clothes! You know who thinks she is Hannah Montana and will only wear "big girl" outfits. Jessi gave Gabbi this cute little dress for her birthday!
And speaking of Jessi...
She and my friend, Melissa, agreed to man our MMPT booth at the carnival, since my in-laws were in town and I knew I couldn't commit to one more thing over the weekend.
We had the cutest little project going on!
We had the templates printed prior to the event. They were the bat bodies.
The Drew PTA is trying to make a little money for the school this year, so they asked a few businesses to contribute by coming up with a project for kids to "use their tickets" to partake. Ours cost 2 tickets or $1.00. Or was it $.50? I don't know.
What I DO know is that our booth stayed busy all day long!
Gabbi looks a little bit Amish in these pics.
Except I doubt if Amish folk wear red leather boots! I don't know. Maybe they do. That is very assuming of me!

Of course, Ellie had to roll up her sleeves and get her "bat" on!

The girls painted their hands and let them plant them on the page as the bat wings.
So, parents liked the project because it gave them one of those keepsakey kind of projects!
Have I mentioned our mission statement?
I thought so.

And for two tickets, you could also visit the petting zoo.
Where there was a tortoise who was 85 years old.
Ellie was a little more standoff-ish.
But not this little girl. She MUST be destined to be a veterinarian!
When there is an animal around, it is like a moth to a flame!

Ellie... umm... not so much!

Must be Gabbi's Amish background.
She liked every animal they had there!

Even this baby calf!
And the tortoises!
Ellie decided to try it out a little bit.
Gabbi, naturally, threw a bit of a fit when it was time to go.
I think she could've done this all day long! Another good experience for my girlies!


Diana said...

Good Morning Mo ~
Oh that Gabbi in her cute dress & red boots - I'm lovin it!
Do you really have to explain the unlocked seat belt? PLEASE - if people have to comment about that, then they should NOT be reading your blog. What do they think, they know how to take care of a child better than you.....I don't think so. That makes me so mad.
You are a WONDERFUL Mom who waited a long time for these precious angles and you certainly would not put them in danger - they need to just find another blog & leave you alone!
Enough of that. (The New Yorker is coming out of me)
Gabbi with the calf is beyond precious - what a little doll.
And the face on Ellie when she was getting her "bat on" - boy, was she into it.
Mo, have a great day,
Diana from Colorado

Zhohn said...

I love the Amish look!
Thanks for sharing :)

tricia said...

Gabbi's feet look huge in those boots especially sitting in the carseat. She looks adorable and what a love for animals. Amazing that Ellie is wary of something.

Glad to see you are saying, "NO" to things

SK said...

Love the all the photos but especially the 3rd one from the top of Gabbi looking so excited and the first one of her climbing the fence.

Ted's sister, Susan

Susantwilhelm said...

What precious memories. I particularly LOVE the pic of Gabbi crawling through the fence! Meant to leave you a note on the the pumpkin patch pics. Adorable. I remember the first time I saw your PP pics with Jake -- I look forward to them each and every year!

snekcip said...

Love those RED PATENT BOOTS! The girls looks like they had so much fun!

KK said...

Love those precious girls. The 2nd pic of Gabbi crawling through the fence and the last one of her with the goat are so cute ! Yep I agree, she would make a great vet. I think back to the blog of her eating breakfast with Earl... so cute and she seems to have such a big heart for animals :0)

kimybeee said...

we live where we come in contact with the amish a little bit and my folks and kids and hubby have visited "amish country" a few times. i have to say that none of us have ever seen an amish/mennonite(sp)person wearing anything red leather lol. i do think that gg would look absolutely adorable wearing a little amish dress and prayer cap with those cute little feet bare. that is how a lot of the kid's go in summer time - barefoot and adorable!!

if you are ever in the ohio/pennsylvania country, you will have to check them out - and the amish don't like to have their pics taken - esp of their faces!! of course i am in wv and i have all kinds of critters that gg would love. i bet ellie sue would love critters too by the time she hung around here for a while!!

Mary said...

The girls are getting sooo big. They are both beautiful and trust me I had one who dressed herself from a little girl and it gets no better. So two things. Can we do another scrapbook kit...maybe Christmas? Please??? Also, Stacy must be well rested she's been on vacation since 2009! Wow....tell her to get back to her blog!


Molly said...

Love your little Amish girl - the red boots? Precious!.

Thank you for being so faithful to keep us up to date on the goings-on in the Groves' household. I'm a full-time student with a full-time job and a teenager in the house (yikes!).... sometimes I need a smile or a laugh and you and your girlies never fail to provide that! I'm always smiling from ear to ear after reading your posts.

Love the MMPT shirts as well. Praying when I finish nursing school, I'll be able to live out the mission statement myself.

Beverly said...

I have always loved your pictures. The ones that lean this way and the ones that lean that way... until now! Add a little vertigo or vestibular neurits since Saturday morning and I cannot look at them now. I miss the girls but, oh boy, this is not working at all. I'll be back when I can see better.

Nancy said...

Just love checking up on your blog! Have followed your family for years, starting with Jake.
Am infanticipating my first Grandbaby in April. If it is a girl would love to dress her like Gabbi. The boots are just precious; as well as the complete outfit. Love the one with her climbing on the gate.

Amy K said...

Fun!! It looks like they were both in their own elements.
Disclaimer about the seatbelt...I would not have even noticed, but I'm sure that the same hate mailers would know that you are such a talented driver that you could turn around and snap that picture while headin' down the highway! ;)
Thanks for sharing your fun girls day out - always love reading about your adventures.