Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breakfast on the back deck

Ok, here we go... a few pics of the new house. VERY last minute last week, I told Todd, "We need a back deck right here ." And... on MOnday, I decided we needed it by Thursday! When his parents were coming in!
We apparently called the RIGHT carpenter, because.... look what we have! A deck!

And we also have some purple and gold mums. Just sayin'!
Maddi spent the night with me Friday night. ANd on Saturday morning, I thought we should all have a breakfast picnic!
So, I grabbed a bag of Hostess Donettes adn we went to the backyard!
Gabbi seemed to think it was a stellar idea!
These two had some SERIOUS cases of bed head!
But, I LOVE mornings like this!
Very chill. Very laid back. Very slow paced!
WHOA Maddi! You win the prize!
And as you may remember, we only sleep in "leggings and a tank top" around here! YUCK!
These two are the best of pals. And drive each other totally crazy!
Cute pic! Right when I asked Ellie to say , "Cheese", she bit off a big hunk of no-nut and then cheesed right at me.
Gabbi had a big roll of bubblegum and had the idea I would let her eat every piece!
She was quite mistaken!
Policing things like gum and markers, and coke cups in the new house has been quite the job. We already have gum in our carpet. Don't ask!
I will give you one clue on who put it there.....
It starts and ends with an "e".
And then went out front for a little back riding!
I brought home a trike from work to see if Gabbi Girl could manage it.
I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly she took to it.
Cousin Maddi was a good helper!

Ellie can barely reach the pedals, but she can sho nuff ride it! She pushes one big push per leg at a time!
And man oh man does she ever think she is a big shot!

This is our front driveway. I love how country-esque our new environment is!
It is really beautiful!

That's Paula and Johnnye's house over there behind Ellie.
And here is the house thus far! I say thus far, because we still have to add shutters, an arched entryway with a pergola over the front door, and window boxes/ shelves under the top two outside windows. That should significantly change the look of the house. THink kinda "lodgey-like". More rustic. Have you seen Lonestar Steakhouse? Like that.
That little corridor with the metal roof and the wooden posts is the entrance to my art room.
Oh, here it is! And there will obviously be shutters on that black tar paper!
Here it is from up the driveway.
LOTS of driveway to play on. That is such a bonus!
Especially now that I have TWO bike riders!
That was a big drainage problem that we had to haul in a bunch of dirt in to cover. Now, we need MORE sod. Sod. Ugh. It is costly
We were having a little bike sharing, shoe drama!
But Maddi finally decided she'd rather have the high heels to the bike, so it all worked out!
Gabbi really, really, reaaaallly enjoyed her no-nuts!

ANd just for sake of reference, that is Staci and Don's house waaaay over there on the other side.
Is there anything better than a lazy Saturday morning?!


Abigail said...

Awww... absolutely beautiful home!!! What a blessing. And cute pics of the kidos too :)

Kathryn said...

What a perfect spot to raise those girlies!

Sharidrew said...

love love love it! The house is just breathtaking!

I wondered for a moment how those pretties were washing down their no-nuts but I think I saw a cup in one of the pictures. Whew! :)

Happy hump day!
Hugs from Missouri,

Renee said...

Wow-- the BAH is gorgeous! Love the pics of the girls, bed head and all.

snekcip said...

While viewing the pics, all I could imagine was the extreme quietness broken only by girly giggles and the chirp of crickets chirping and cicadas w/their "late" evening LOVE call! I just love early mornings/afternoons in the "country"! Love your BAH and I the "art retreat" is on my list of THINGS TO DO for 2011 *if you're having it next year* that is!

Theresa Shirley said...

I love it!! The grounds and everything look great--especially for a new house! Ya'll did a good job :) As usual, the girls are just precious....glad you are getting to spend some lazy down-time with them. I know that is a blessing, since your schedule is usually so hectic. Love ya'll!! Can't wait to see Halloween "coscume" pictures this weekend!!

tricia said...

The BAH is spectacular! Just LOVE the pictuesque setting. Always added expenses to a new house. With the size of that driveway,thank God you don't live in snow country!

Kris said...

Wow that is an awesome place you have. I still remember when you were building it and put in all the Bible verses...
GUM in the carpet...use ice to harden it and it should come out...if you hadn't already heard that. GUM in hair... use peanut disolves it like it's nothing! God bless.

Carrie said...

Love the little bed-heads! My little Tootie loves her some powdered doughnuts as well! Thanks so much for sharing the house pics. So jealous of that huge driveway.

melinda marie said...

cute! cute! where are their helmets! :)