Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Race for the Cure

My girls and I did something nice and supportive last weekend! And it involved a whoooooole lotta pink!

We went to our local Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at our park.
I was signed up to walk,but given my extremely hectic schedule lately, paired with sleepless nights thanks to toddlers getting used to sleeping in their own bed, I could not drag myself out of bed to make the start! I was; however, there for the finish!
Jessi and Kaitlyn got up and made the one miler! I am way impressed!
We had a pretty big crowd!
I like it that we have opportunities to support other people, because so many others support our causes... namely pediatric cancer awareness and financial support!
And I really, really love that my girls are there with me!
Love this lady's shirt by the way!
Love this one too!
That's my friend, Tommie, being the emcee for all the survivors at the event.
And this is the primary person I was there to support. This is LD. She and I played many, many a softball tournament together, and now are only a couple of the girls in our area who golf! (I actually USED to golf... pre-cancer/pre-babies!) . SHe got the devastating news of her own breast cancer earlier this summer. Her mom died when LD was 10 years old.
Gabbi Girl listened to every word and to every acknowledgement and clapped with the crowd accordingly. It was the sweetest thing!
I haven't figured it out yet, but she is going to have a career in a caring field. Maybe a vet? Maybe a PT?!
All in all, I would say it was a successful Saturday.
I hope some day lime green is as recognized for pediatric cancer as pink is for breast cancer now!
And one last thing....


tricia said...

You continually inspire me. thank you!

Stephanie said...

My family does the Race for the Cure every year, but this year is the first year that we did it for my Mom who was diagnosised with breast cancer a couple months before. She just completed chemo on the 2nd of September and is getting ready to start radiation next week.

a_manda said...

So glad to see your support of LD. She is from my hometown, Colfax. In fact, she's practically my aunt. My grandparents help raise her after the death of her mother. She's the BEST! Thanks for being there for her. It's so hard since I am in TX and the rest of the family is in Colfax and not in West Monroe, but we help every chance we can.

Dawn said...

We, Todd's family, does the Race for the Cure every year here in Memphis in honor and memory of his mom. Our race is a 5K...Todd runs it and I walk it. I hope the new sleeping arrangements get better soon!

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Does LD coach at WM High? I might be thinking of someone else, I'm not sure.

Amy K said...

Another wonderful cause to support, as unfortunate as it is that so much cancer research is needed. What an awesome example to set for your girls.
I love that hat Melanie!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday - with your girls & a good cause - what could be better???
Gabbi clapping - precious. I was wondering if Ellie wanted her hair pink like those two little girls? Wait until she discovers hair dye - watch out Mamma
I ALWAYS have a great time when I am with any of my girls - there is no one I would rather be with than them.
Btw, around the first of this year, I sent you a request for a Christmas canvas - will you still be doing them this year? I am still interested.
Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

Shannon said...

We are getting ready for our Race for a Cure in Nebraska in a couple weeks!!! Just got done with our fund raiser $2,849 in 5 days!!! WOO HOO!!
Love the pix of Gabbi on the bench listening and clapping...she is just precious! Of course Ellie is too! :)

snekcip said...

We are celebrating kickoff today here in Beaumont! It's called "tie the town PINK"! Every lightpole here in town has a PINK bowtie around it! I even wore my pink polka dot swingcoat in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month! I

I celebrated the month of September by wearing my YELLOW/GOLD for Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Love the way you expose your girls to such a positive and wonderful cause.

Kathryn said...

Great post! And, I do as always love that hat. I am back in the hospital for awhile. Thinking of registering here as my second home.

Thank you for the great pics.

a_manda said...

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom---Yes, that is the same LD.