Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gabbi Girl

Mo, Staci and JinJin "off on another worldwide adventure"! Can anyone name that show?! Hint: ol' Jake's favorite! So, in a day or two, I should have some FUN pictures to share. We are also meeting my cousins and a new cousin in law who are hefty shoppers themselves! In the meanwhile, please enjoy these pictures of my smiling kid!

This is often her pose! She is either smiley, smiley, smiley, or whiney, whiney, whiney! I prefer the first option!
Oh, and how bout my new "scarface"? Dangit!
We girls are going to Canton, TX to the big flea market. It is miles of awesomeness!!

I will be taking pictures of some the purchases! As well as some of the fair-like junk food that we will surely enjoy!
Mostly, I think, it will just be fun to hang out with all adults, in particular, my closest peeps, with no little ones for a day and a half.
Todd's already stressing out. I have KK lined out for the weekend! And, never fear, I also have outfits, with matching bows and sandals all laid out in order too! I'm not crazy!!
Have a fun weekend.


Sandy said...

Yeah MO you are CRAZY for laying out Ellies clothes YOU know she IS NOT going to wear "baby" stuff.!!!Have fun maybe I will see you in CANTON!!

Amy K said...

Oh, that 2nd pic of Gabbi had me in stitches!!!
You gals have a rockin' good time this weekend! Is this the same market that you went to last year and had a picture of your vehicle was just jam-packed with awesomeness as you were heading home?

Firemom said...

Headed to Canton after I drop the kiddo off at school. It is going to be a perfect weekend!!!

Beverly said...

Have a good time. Can't wait for the pics! That Gabbi is soooooo cute! Love her pictures.

Anonymous said...

I've been a blog stalker for awhile but I'll be in Canton today. Maybe we will run into each other:)

Jeri said...

Love, love, love Canton. Only 3 hours from home. Went in August. Can't wait to go again!

tricia said...

Enjoy your girl weekend shopping and tell Todd stress less and just relax& ENJOY