Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LSU fans!

Hey, did you, by chance, know that we are LSU fans?! Well, we are! And now we have a new place to celebrate! The BAH!

Last weekend's game was our virgin voyage! Staci and Ellie were playing, "Fashion".

While Gabbi just enjoyed some juice!
As did Madi boo. (Staci has decided to change Maddi's name to Madi. Whatevs!)
Hey, remember when I said I did my first layout this past weekend?
well, here we are partaking in a little craftiness!
How DANG COOL is my light fixture?! I'm just sayin! And once I got my stuff in that room, it wasn't nearly as big as I had imagined. WHAT am I going to do?! I need a professional organizer!! BAD!
Tashia, put yo hand down. You KNOW you ain't crafty!
But Jenn is! She helped Staci make a fabric wreath. Where are the boys you ask? Why they are ACTUALLY watching the game in the man cave!
And THIS would be the man cave. Todd has actually asked me to put him a bed in here. He is in there every evening all evening long! If we want to see dad, we have to go to the purple room! By the way, that tv above is a temporary situation, as is the table on its side that it is sitting on! The one below, (same room... yes TWO in there), is a permanent one! And this became the first wall that we officially decorated too! He has been collecting LSU paraphenelia for YEARS! ANd now there is a place for it! Also, some golf stuff in there too! ANd for whatever reason, TG had his first cookout on a little rollaway grill vs. his badboy monster grill! (To be debuted in an upcoming blog!)

It was fun having room for everyone at OUR house for a change!

Oh, and TG... happy anniversary! 14 years strong today! If I had my professional organizer, I would have a scanner in my art room and I could scan a few pics from our wedding day back then! See, I have the ideas, just not the technological skill! OR room in my art room!



Shannon said...

Yeah of the BAH!!! Can't wait to see all the decorated rooms!!!
Oh I didn't comment on a couple posts back, but Earl looked SO cute on the bed!!!! So fluffy I could tell he has had a bath!! :)

MaryH said...

Glad to see the partying has begun at the BAH. You do have the best, most loving, fun group of people surrounding you - but you knew that already...I'm just sayin'...it is fun to see the fun you have.

Beth E. said...

Looking forward to more posts and pics of the fam AND the BAH!

tricia said...

Happy Anniversary! Today is my little sister's Anniversary also . 14 years too!

Loving the pics of the BAH! More, more, more

PawPaw Raborn said...

Hey Mo, Todd and girls,

Staci cannot change "Maddi" to "Madi".....it is chiseled in granite on the back side of mine and Gloria's headstone and I checked with Don as to what I should have engraved and he told me "Maddi". it is right below Hunter, Hayden and Jake.
But she can monogram whatever she wants. I guess.....you just can't unchisel letters in granite that easy.
Would like to see in the BAH someday and also the cottage...What did you name it?

Amy K said...

Not only is that light fixture the coolest, the whole room is to die for!!!
Happy Anniversary! Hopefully you were able to celebrate together.
Thanks for sharing these awesome photos.

Stacey said...

Are you sure those shirts are for LSU? That number 4 on Stacy's shirt looks like she could be rooting for Bret Farve....Just Sayin...

Theresa Shirley said...

Happy Anniversary Melanie & Todd! (a day late, but oh well)...Glad you are getting to party at the new house now. Love the pics of your art room--the colors are so fun & vibrant, just like your personality--wonder where Ellie gets her spunkiness from?? Thanks for the pictures--looking forward to seeing more!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Your BAH looks great! And your first party sounded like a blast.
Of course Ellie was playing fashion, what then??? Too cute.
And Gabbi just goes with the flow, precious.
I hope you have many, many years of health, happiness and tons of fun in the new BAH.
Have a great Wednesday,
Diana from Colorado

Carrie said...

So glad you guys are enjoying the BAH! Looks like you had a blast making crafts and watching the game.
BTW, ya'll look like a bunch of VIKINGS fans. I bet that is a tough one for Todd to swallow, esp since we have Favre for one more year!!!