Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gabbi Girl's ant bites.

Usually, I upload pics on the weekends, then each night, I look through all the pics I have on my blog just waiting for a story and awwwwaaay we go!

So, in light of the fact that I kinda freaked out today and thought my Gabbi Girl had chicken pox, (I no longer think that!), I have decided to use the photos I loaded last weekend of these two + week old ant bites.
Gabbi's foot swelled such that I couldn't get some shoes on her! She was puffy and red, and awful! And just like last time... although last time, I thought she'd been stung by a wasp, ...
Her face turned beet red and her arms, legs, and torso all became splotchy!
We went to see the doctor (By the way, that's Ellie standing below us with her corn! Gabbi is on the counter), and Dr Bimle gave us an Epi pen to keep in her diaper bag. Then, today, polka dotted all over! Even her cheeks. I have no idea what that was all about! I can't think of anything she drank, ate, or touched that would have set off such a reaction! I found out a kid in the clinic had a sister who just got over chicken pox, and that the rash is preceded by a fever (like GG had Monday night), so I just kinda went down that road! Lucky for us... that does not seem to be the case.

As for all the suggestions and help, thanks so much. If nothing else, just for caring! I definitely tend to neglect my health a bit (thus lapband!), so sometimes it takes a little advice/ spurring to get me moving in the right direction. I am leaning toward anxiety, but my dad insists I go have a full-on medical work up! He had two heart attacks by 42! And stage II diabetes is EVERYWHERE in my family history! Todd says I have been extremely negative this week. If you sense the same, ignore me! Sorry. I am usually not a worrier/ griper/ complainer. I don't mean for my tone to be that way. Not sure what's up my butt!

Have a happy Thursday! A long weekend is a' comin'!!



kimybeee said...

I don't think you are being naggy - I think you have a lot on your plate and you know that you need to go to the doctor and you just need us to kick you in the buttocks (forrest gump voice) to get you to go. That was before the whole heart and diabetes history!!! Get 'er done (larry the cable guy voice)!

Caitlin has had excema and allergies since the day she was born. The pic of gg's bite area is definetly showing signs of the excema and allergy symptoms. We did not like the allergist at all when Caitlin was little. We took her right before she started school so we could get and epi-pen too. We only kept them on hand while she was in elem school. The allergist told us that Caitlin was as allergic to cats as she was peanuts and peanut butter. The kid had been toting a cat around since she could walk - and here we are 11 years later and we still have all kinds of cats and other animals around her. (I saw your bird there for a minute) Anyway, gg can be developing allergies to something that she has been around forever. Since this coincides with the day care it could be a detergent or carpet cleaner or a cleaning product. Caitlin was very sensitive to perfumes too and I was glad that my in-laws had to stop putting on their stinking colognes and perfumes by the bucketful! Getting hot, having a crying fit, and exposure are all things that can make the allergy symptoms worse. Try some hydrocortisone cream on the locations to see if she can get some relief. Make sure you always carry benadryl with you - it is a great 1st defense. You don't ever want to get to the point that you need an epi-pen anyway. I have always carried the fast melts that benadryl makes and I never used the generic. This is way to long, so I will wrap it up, but I could write a book about all the things we tried that did or didn't work!

Oops - I forgot to tell you that Caitlin is allergic to strawberry flavoring and pink lemonade. Not real strawberries, but the flavoring in candy and water gets her. Thought you may see a connection with something gg has had to drink or eat that is artificial flavored! Also (maybe i am writing the book anyway) she usually breaks out in the bends of her arms and legs and places where something touches her skin like clothing or shoes.

MLP said...

Hey Mo. First and only blog I've visited in 5 1/2 weeks and I chose yours. Of course! I needed to see your sweet girls!

Thanks for your support for Travis. I might be calling you soon. These are tough days. We are getting thumbs up here and there. Thanks for praying.

Your girls are cuter than ever!

Amy K said...

I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to share your struggles with us bloggy-friends. I really do care, and hope that you find what you need in order to be you again!
Yikes, those pics of GG's feet look painful & itchy! Poor girl.
Have a blessed Thursday!

Bella's mommy said...

Hey Mo, sometimes you have to take that cape off and throw it in the washer to take a break from it all. We all do! We aren't super human beings that can deal with everything being thrown at us at once. Most definitely, building a house, running your own business, keeping up with a 3 year old, 2 year old and a husband will wear anyone out! You have not been negative, you have been real! Stress happens to the best of us. Hopefully yours will subside soon, especially after you get into the BAH. Feel free to vent, it will keep you from hatching an ulcer! As for GG, Bella does the same thing with ants and mosquito bites! Living here in the land of the skeeters, that's bad! Keep the epipen handy and make sure your sitters know where it is and how and when to use it. Good luck, dear and have a Happy Thursday!

Stacey said...

Wow....You sound just like me. Don't sleep the best, Can't shut your mind off. and just kinda on edge all the time. My doctor gave me Zoloft and it is wonderful. I was on it for about a year 7 years ago and did great. I just went back on it a couple months ago. Look at for information. My husband thinks it is a miracle drug. Good Luck!

Kathryn said...

You aren't being naggy. You are stressed to the limit. Dang it. Please do go see your doc. Today. I am giving you the stink eye right now! Love you, worry about you some.

That poor baby! Please give her a hug and a boatload of sugar from me.

Pepper said...

Oh, pleeez girl, you couldn't be negative if you tried. You are overwhelmed and understandably so. I agree with dad though, GO TO THE DOCTOR! You know as well as we do that you can't get better if you aren't treating the right things. So, don't make me come down from Mississippi and kick your butt as I throw you in the backseat. Poor GG on your poor feet.

Unknown said...

Wow, are ants rampant in that part? We don't have anything like that here. Does it itch? Looks painful!!

Martha from NC said...

Now Mo, I am old enough to be your Mom so I am going to give you some Motherly advice. PLEASE, take a deep breath and TRY to relax this weekend. Let all the "stuff" go and enjoy your family. Everything else can wait, it'll be right there for you on Tuesday when the work week starts back. You really need a break, so TAKE IT!! Enjoy life a little. I know you've got alot on you right now, but stop and smell the roses (so to speak).
And by the way, you aren't being naggy, you're being honest about your feelings!!
Have a great weekend!

tricia said...

Hey we love you girl. Take care of yourself if not for you for those little girlies!

MaryH said...

Go get yourself checked out, Mo. Then you can sort out anything that is found by the doc - and probably nothing will be other than you are trying to do too much in too short of time and you need some down time - like that would happen - I once was going through something similar and I actually had a doctor prescribe a week on a beach - ALONE - he was serious - I couldn't do it but it made me feel good that a medical person was actually seeing that some R&R and alone time would be all I needed. Take care of yourself - or, let someone take care of you for a short time - but go find out what is going on and you will feel better once you do - the unknown is the mose upsetting and the guessing drives you crazy. Have a good LONG weekend, I hope.

Theresa Shirley said...

Okay---so you said your Dad was insisting you go have a workup--but you never said whether you were gonna or not! So are ya, huh, huh???? I've got all that heart stuff & diabetes in my family as well (along w/ cancer). My brother had a heart attack when he was 36, and my dad died of esophageal cancer. And to be honest with you, I don't take care of myself as well as I should either! We as mothers tend to take care of everybody else a lot better than ourselves most of the time! But we do love ya, and are concerned about your well-being, so take your Dad's advice pretty please!! (And of course report in to us! :)