Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Showing off the new headbands.

Hey... didn't I tell you about Ellie's shopping spree?!
And that she chose a whole bag full of headbands?!
Well, I just thought we'd share!
And believe me when I say that kid was more than happy to show off every single one of them.
I'm not sure she had a favorite.
But I think this one may be mine. Hey Ellie!
This time with your eyes open!
Oh wait. I think THIS one may be her favorite!
ANd while we are at it... we had to, naturally, paint do our nails!
She chose kelly green for my fingernails! ANd a lovely shade of purple glitter for her own.
There are days that I am just thrilled to be a girl mama! This was one of them!

My girls and I are heading back from the beach tomorrow. My girls meaning, two of my besties, Paula and Tashia. I have the funnest quiz to post when I get back. But, I can't upload current pics, and I want to share some of those along with the questions. And I made a prize while I was here to send to the person who gets the most questions right.... I couldn't wait to mention it. It is going to be fun! Mo

Oh, and to you who wondered if I ever sleep. Yes I do. I scheduled those posts to be posted in the wee hours of the morning before I left town so that I could chill while here and know that every morning, while I slept, there would be a new one posted and I could awaken to read the new post too! That is a perk of blogspot... scheduling posts ahead of time. Thanks for asking!


Amy K said...

Fashionable Ellie!! Love these posts of her with her accessories. You girls' nails are very purty!!
Thanks for thinking of us readers while you're away on vacation and scheduling posts.

Zhohn said...

Can't wait for the quiz! Loving Ellie's headbands.

Beverly said...

I just love that Ellie! She would be so much fun to be with. Love both of your girls! Hope you had a good time at the beach and know you'll be glad to get home.

snekcip said...

I love quizzes almost as much as I love seeing Ellie's sport her new "headbands"! Bree and her would have so much fun together!!!

tricia said...

Having girls and playing dress-up is FUN! Even more fun when they grow past the TEENAGE years and rediscover that hanging with Mom is FUN again!My day with my two grownup girls is Saturday afternoons....Lunch and then shopping! I so look forward to Saturdays!

Stacey said...

OMG, love the headbands. Here's a website with awesome ones, too.