Thursday, August 5, 2010

Helping with the move.

You know how being out of town puts you all out of sorts when you are back IN town Well, that's precisely where I am right now! Soooo, I am relying on photos I uploaded prior to my travels to show you some good "stories". As you know, we are in the process of moving.
Lucky for me...
a) Todd has a great big ol' trailer.
and b) I have so many "helpers"!
Are any of you in the ICEE phase? I think we have to load up and go get one every single day after I get in from work. It is a new trend!
I think it is funny that Maddi is carting that Barbie around. She is a priss.
And naturally, there's Ellie in her headband and those dadgum glittery shoes Jin got her for her birthday. They (shoes) are going to accidentally fall in the river pretty soon.

ANd then there's my little heart! She entertained herself the whole time just going up and down (and up and down and up and down and...) the back of the trailer.
We have moved a couple of loads. It seems like the end of the process is the longest! People are kind of working one at a time right now, and I am getting so anxious! I don't like living between two places.
For instance, the "things" I bought on our beach trip are probably going to stay in bags in my vehicle to avoid taking them in the present house only to pack them back up and move them to the new house in a few weeks. I am living like Sanford and Son.
I really DO need to get on with the process of selling this one though. Anybody know anybody looking for a house in West Monroe? Need to get the hook up. It is a little over 2500 square feet heated. Then there is a front porch, back porch and garage. I am not sure how much "total square feet", but will check into that.

And did I mention a great yard and garden?!
Well, I gotta go. Gotta work to pay for all of this change!



Shannon said...

I can feel your pain, I hate moving!!

Hope it goes fast and you get the other house sold!

MaryH said...

Moving is difficult - but cleansing - and I can't wait to see it all put together - we have the easy job, just cheering you on - the girlies are adorable - love Ellie's poses and Gabbi is so cute navigating the "up and down and up and down" of the trailer. Good luck - hang in there - love the Sanford & Son reference.

Dottie Phillips said...

Mo - in all the craziness here at my house- single mom of a 3 year and 21 DAY old and a 2 year old crazed chihuahua- coming to your blog on a daily basis gives me a good laugh and reminds me that I'm not the only one living a chaotic yet WONDERFUL life and we both chose it by adopting beautiful little girls to keep us busy and entertained. Keep on keepin on.... You have an amazing life and I can't wait to see all the fun stories you post once y'all are in the new house.

Amy K said...

The Sanford & Son part literally cracks me up!
I'm thinking that when you're done moving Todd's trailer could become Ellie's runway....hmmm?!
Best wishes on the selling of your current house. It definitely is no fun living between two homes, and wondering if that "something that I need" is at this house or that house. I can empathize with that. But, it will be so worth it all when you're settled in the BAH.
Many blessings....

tricia said...

Moving is HARD...............but soon it will be history! One day at a time.

snekcip said...

Keep it movin' sister!! You're doing great!!! If you would send me a pair of those "green shoes" I probably would drive there and help ya out!! LOL!!!!

Tracy Solomon said...

Mo, you always take the best pictures! I haven't been by for a while. Moving isn't a lot of fun but I agree about the "cleansing" part. Being a past military family we used to move quite often and then having packed so many times back and forth to the hospital, well that gets interesting as some things you aren't even sure where they came from, but moving can be very adventurous with kids, that is for sure!

I am sure you will probably get some very interesting pictures during the move and some stories out of the move as well. Hopefully it isn't too stressful and you guys don't get to sore.

Tracy and Katia

Beverly said...

That Ellie is ALWAYS posing! She is so precious. Good luck with the moving. I know how it is. I've been in my house six years and still have boxes. Do I need them if I don't know what's in them?