Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making pizza with Mary Allison

Ok, so until the weekend arrives, I have to rely on "older" photos that I uploaded but never shared. These were taken a couple of weeks ago by my one of my favorite baby sitters, Mary Allison. She has that dubious task of trying to find something for my kids to eat in a house of a non-cook!
I think she did pretty well scrounging something up! (Note that pile of crap in the background. If confused by that... view previous "living between two houses" post!)
So, Mary Allison found some tortilla, cheese, and pepperonis.
So, naturally....
UGH. Did you see what I just saw? (Those dadgum pink glittery shoes! JIN JIN! You are on my list! Next time, y'all go browsing for shoes at the Ugg store!)
Gabbi Girl was taking a nap, so Mary Allison had a bang-up helper!
Ta Da! Pepperoni time!! My kid will eat pepperonis all by themselves, just as a snack!
Honestly, there's not much my kid WON'T eat! Really, either one of them. They are good eaters and try just about anything!
And here we are again... sitting on the counters! It is the Groves way!
Sprinkle that cheese, Girl!
She really really really likes to help! I think she may actually grow up liking to cook! She will have to get that trait from her daddy! Her mama does NOT have it!
Did you also notice the multiple accessories? Bracelets, watch, headband? The girl has style!
I cannot wait until I have time to upload pics from my trip and to post the quiz! It is going to be a riot!

There's a bird!
Oh lawdy be. Can you see the SHEET on the window? It is because I live with a vampire who HATES light coming into our home! He even TINTED the windows of the skylights around our front door. I mean, we are NOT talking about an ElCamino! We are talking about our FRONT DOOR!

ANd these sheets? Well, there are cute light green sheer curtains under them! Didn't hold out enough light for Toddly.
And as for cheese, welllllll, THAT should do it!
OOOOH , wait. Is that a better shot of the curtains? Niiiiice!
But, oh wait. This was about the pizza! Good work, Ellie and Mary Allison! You two did a great job! Way to feed my kids, MA! And let them learn something in the meanwhile. And do it all in a moderately darkened kitchen! ANd while wearing multiple accessories and glittery Sunday School shoes! And MY black and green Shrek shirt. Ok... I'm done. Good night!



Amy K said...

Yup, I noticed the glittery shoes in the very first picture...only because you've pointed them out before.
Great job making your pizzas girls. You make us Wisconsin dairy farmers proud with all the cheese you put on! :)
If only all of us moms could be blessed with our very own Mary Allison.
Have a great weekend - looking forward to the quiz!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the great pictures!! Ellie's outfit looks cute with the pink shoes!!!
Have a great weekend.
Hope you get a lot moved!

tricia said...

Such a stylin' cook Ellie Sue is! The pink shoes just make that outfit!

I hope Todd leaves the window sheets at your old house!

Diana said...

Oh Mo ~
You really keep us all in stiches (or should I say Ellie does)
Too funny Ellie making her pizza - and all decked out - is there any other way to dress when cooking???
I do feel your pain about living between two houses - you just want to be SETTLED and UNPACKED. But with all the helpers you have, it should be complete in no time at all!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Diana from Colorado

Mary Allison said...

i lovvveeee how the GROSSEST pictures of me end up on here.

Dear blog visitors, i am NOT gross looking in real life like these pictures!

I do wear makeup and my hair is fixed except for right after swimming like this was.

But me and Ellie did have SOOOO much fun making our pizzas:)

Beth E. said...

Your girls always bring a smile to my face. Ellie cracks me up. She can do anything she sets her mind to! Love it.

Still here at the hospital with my brother. He has arm/leg weakness on his left side, and will most likely enter rehab to correct that. The nurse told him, though, that if he leaves here with nothing more than some weakness (after a brain hemorrhage), he is indeed very blessed.

Thanks for sharing your girls, other family, and life with us, Mo.

Belinda said...

I think Ellie grows a little more with every post.....thanks for sharing your life with us....