Monday, August 9, 2010

Round two... Blast from the past.

Wow. Not many people participated, but too bad for you!! Cause this is the prize!! A JOY necklace, made by MoJOY herself! And JUST for this contest!

And the big winners are....PAM with 8 correct answers, Juli with 7 correct answers, and Zhohn with 6 correct answers. Way to go girls. there were a couple of close behinds with 5 (ShariDrew and Sandy). And with 4 correct, MHall and My3sons! thanks for playing!

Correct answers to be listed later!

There are several questions with TWO names for answers (Tashia, Paula, or Mel) and one with the answer NO ONE! Oooooh, trick-y!! Oh, and one with all three as the answer. So, how well do you" know" us?!

And while we are asking these second round questions, enjoy a few pictures from our trip to the beach... which by the way, started with a big ol group of boys being taken to a school trip in Jackson, MS, which happened to be on our way to Alabama.
Oh, and another by the way, their sponsors were in the car ahead of us and had a blowout. Guess it was a good thing we were behind them!

And here we go! Good luck to the three contestants!

1. Who danced in college on a danceline where they wore a trendy velvet cape and zip up white heeled boots (think go-go)?

2. Which TWO of the girls on this trip married their date to the senior prom?

3. Who wore one of those stylish add-on doily collars in their senior portraits?!

4. Who rode a dirtbike (motorcycle) more often then a regular bike as a kid?

5. Who, with her sister, chased down Michael Jackson in a hotel parking lot in Orlando, all the while suffering multiple fever blisters due to the scorching sun?

NOTE: Photo above... you KNOW you are with MAMAs when the room looks like this at 9 am and prior to going out to the beach!

DOUBLE NOTE: That is NOT MY room! My bed was NOT made!!

6. Whose softball tournaments determined their family's vacation summer after summer after summer?

7. Who's the reader of the group!?

8. Who "accidentally" rafted out 2 1/2 miles in the ocean with her brother and a friend and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard in junior high school?

9. Who has never smoked or drank a beer? (clarification.... .this does NOT include consumption of vodka!!)

10. Which TWO girls wore braces. And .... who wore them for THREE years?!

11. Who has had plastic surgery? (NO lap band does NOT count.

12. Whose specialty as a junior high cheerleader was back walkover into the splits?

(WHO got a mullet-esque haircut the week before we went to the beach?) not an actual quiz question.. refer to above photo!

13. Who strategically placed four rings on the fingers of one hand, then gently cupped said hand under her chin for a dramatic effect in her senior portraits?

The above picture is an ACTUAL burn on the bottom of my foot from the sand being so hot! I know, I know... I am DELICATE!

14. Who jumped right out of the car at the beach and surprised the security guard by giving him a big ol bear hug?

15. Who danced on a danceline at Carnivale (France's equivalent of Mardi Gras) in Nice, France in college?

16. Which two girls cannot wear long nails due to their occupations?

17. Which two girls are Kappa Deltas?

18. Whose husband was missing one day and his kid noticed a car come by, and well... long story short, they ended up chasing the car all around town swearing they had abducted her husband, calling the authorities, swerving in and out of traffic, etc., when actually he was returning the lawnmower to the shed?

19. Trick question: Who wore tube socks as a cheerleader in the 80's? TUBE SOCKS!!!

20. Who was a perennial social studies and science fair winner?

21. Who has a DRAMA QUEEN daughter who loves to dress up, wearing lots of bling and dresses with tons of flair?!

22. Who preferred dating cowboys to the preppies in high school?

23. WHose toes are whose in the below picture?!

24. Who used to sneak out of the room at night to meet one of the other girl's brother for a little late night kissy face when she spent the night with her?

25. Whose kid has a state championship football ring? 26. WHose specialty "trick" as a cheerleader was a cartwheel? Oh wait, I think she mastered the round off too. (Hey... in the 80's things weren't quite as competitive!)

Yep... these are a couple of my best buds! I am a blessed chick!

I mean, we have been friends since we cheered together in the 6th grade! We have gone through junior high, high school, college, marriage, kids, and, now grandkids. Wait, NO, mine are just kids! I forgot. Theirs are in high school, so it just seems that way!

It is good to have those friends who are going to be there through thick and thin. Those you could trust with your own babies!

Oh, and wait! The middle girl here is Mary! She also cheered with us in junior high! We hooked up with these chicks in Gulf Shores!

NO lie... this waiter remembered EVERY one of our names when we only casually told him as he took our orders. I was impressed!

I love my girls! They know how to SHOP like me!!

It was a quicky trip, but oh so fun!

We have one of those friendships that has just lasted through the ages. Sometimes fight. Sometimes cry together. Always love each other though!

I wish for everyone this kind of friendship! ANd I wish for some one particualr person... a great JOY necklace tomorrow!! Mo


Sha Sha said...

OK Mel, let me see if my memory still works!
1)M 2)T,P 3)P 4)M 5)M 6)M 7)P 8)P and I think it was Julie? 9)T 10)M, P and M 11)P 12)M 13)T 14)M 15)M 16)M and T 17)M and P 18)P 19)M and P 20)T 21)M, P and T 22)M 23)p, M and T 24)M 25)P 26)P 27)

connie said...

ok here i go
1. m 2. m t 3. p 4. m 5 m 6. m 7. p 8. p 9. m.10. m p 11. p 12. m 13. m. 14 m 15 m 16 m p 17 m t 18. p 19 m 20.t 21. m .22 p 23 m p t 24 m25.p 26 m

Beverly said...

WOW!!! Love that necklace. You HAVE to put that on etsy. I would love to get one. Sadly, I have no clue on the answers. BUT I may come back and try. Got to get to work. They do pay me for that.

Juli said...

holy cow...i am honored! ok...and can i tell you that JOY would be the most perfect necklace for friends call me Juli Joy!
Here it goes....pray first...
m, pt, p, m, m, m, m, p, p, mp+m, p, m!, m, m!, m, mp, mt, p, m, t, m!, p, ptm, m, p, m

Beth E. said...

Congratulations to the winners! Never always seem to have a contest when I have to be offline for several days. My timing stinks.

Your necklaces are beautiful. You are so talented.

Please keep my brother and family in your prayers. He's still in the hospital. We're still shuttling back and forth to and from the city where he lives. He's got a long road ahead of him.


Zhohn said...

WOW! lots of questions & hard!
1) P 2)P&T 3)M 4)P 5)M 6)P 7)M 8)T 9)M 10)M&T-M 3yrs 11)T 12)M 13) M 14)M 15)M 16)M&T 17)M&P 18)P 19)MPT! 20)M 21)M I think Ellie tops Emma! 22)p 23)leather brown-M; black-T; dress brown P 24)M 25)P 26)M
Like that necklace!

Angela said...

1. P
2. P,T
3. T
4. M
5. M
6. P
7. T
8. P
9. P, T
10. M,P-M
12. M
13. T
14. M
15. P
16. P,M
17. P,T
18. P
19. TODD :]
20. T
21. M
22. T, M, P
23. P, T, M
24. P
25. T
26. M

Love, love the picture of you above #18! That deserves to reside on the wall of your condo. This was fun!! And I don't know you at all. :)

Miss Waldroup said...
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Miss Waldroup said...

1. T
2. T,P
3. T
4. P
5. T
6. P
7. M
8. P
9. T
10. T, M
11. No one
12. T
13. P
14. M
15. T
16. M, T
17. T, M
18. T- I know that is right! I’ve heard that story!
19. T,P, M
20. T
21. P, M
22. P
23. T, P, M
24. M
25. P
26. P